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03.30.2015: Hello, Manila!

Hello, dolls!! Hello, FALL!!! Only 2 and a half weeks left until we kiss October goodbye. We just celebrated A’s birthday last week,and today I woke up realizing that it’s almost my birthday and the holidays again. I really wish I have more time this month to accomplish everything that I need to do before I get in full holiday mode — but really I think I am just wishing for more time so I can relax and watch OTWOL all daaay. haha

Anyway, speaking of OTWOL aside from swooning over James Reid, I am missing home a lot! My brother Remo just made us proud again by passing his board exam, he is now a certified Engineer.My Mom just celebrated her birthday, 2 days after A, and ahhh the holidays!! It’s always the beginning of September that I think about home more. Every month there is something or someone to celebrate.


I know I still owe you guys stories about our wedding. I’ve been thinking about it too! How I wish I really have enough time for everything cause I feel like each week is just passing by too quickly.

Todaylet me share with you our most exciting trip to Manila this year — our journey to forever.

It was our first time to travel to Manila together so that added to my excitement. A has been to the Philippines twice prior to this trip and I always leave before him since my schedule is more flexible. This time,we made sure that we will go home together.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

It was our first time to leave from New York. We were so happy when PAL announced that they have flights to/from JFK again. It saved us a lot of time and money to just drive to New York as opposed to flying to California and being exhausted because of all the connecting flights.

I have to say that it was easiest and smoothest trip to Manila from the US. I went back to Manila 4 times since 2012 and boy…this was the best!

We drove to New Jersey a day before our flight so we can relax before our long trip to Manila.

We got to the airport at 9AM, 3 hours before our flight.

Quick fact: before I would often arrive at the airport an hour or less before my flight whenever I travel before meeting A. Such a risky move but so far I’ve only missed 2 flights haha out of the n times that I traveled.

So anyway, travelling with A made me a better traveler. I am now into the whole “2 hours or more” before flight thing.


After going around the terminal 3 times, we decided to try Eat&Go. Only because I was craving for Greek food haha


Wine and beer for travelers who can fall for the overpriced alcohol in the airport


My spinach pie. Honestly this was not satisfactory for me. I love spinach pie, but after having 3 bites I felt like it was too blah for me.


A’s lamb shawarma. He was not happy about his food as well. He finished it though because he was very hungry. haha


Birthday Cake frappe from Starbucks.


DSC_0324A DSC_0325A-tile

16 hours felt like nothing with this guy beside me <3

DSC_0333A DSC_0347A

My husband is so amazing! He lets me rest my feet on his lap during a looooong flight.

DSC_0349A IMG_1722A

30 minutes and we are already feeling crazy haha


not long after the plane took off we were able to score whole row to ourselves


you know just doing my weird pose because we were able to stretch our legs the entire flight.

We safely arrived in Manila and as a tradition, after our family picked us up from the airport, we went straight to Aristocrat as a tradition. I am so happy that A is now part of that! 🙂


We did not waste any day in Manila. We spent everyday exploring, meeting friends, and enjoy every moment with the family


First order of business: Go to Tagaytay to visit our wedding venue…and bulalo of course 😉


Passed by this cute stand that sells organic tomatoes


DSC_0408A IMG_7376A

Daddy is very amused! haha

IMG_1734A IMG_7341A

My parents think it’s awesome how much A love Jollibee. So whenever my Dad can, he buys him a bucket of chickenjoy. This is the face that I give them whenever that happens. hahaha


I’ve always wanted to take A to Maginhawa St. because of all the cute restaurants. Unfortunately, it was a holiday so most restaurants were closed.


My siblings suggested this per-peri place and it was really good!! A is now a big fan of peri-peri chicken 🙂


Blueberry cheesecake to end our little adventure.




I like to be simple and comfortable during long flights.


So I decided to go for my comfiest pair of jeans, a light top, cardigan, and my favorite pair of shoes — my Tory!




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