Wedding Diaries: Sur La Table Wedding Registry Tips

09.29.2014: Little Steps

Hello, dolls!!! 🙂 I can’t believe that my birthday month is almost over and I am only posting my 2nd entry for the month of November. My laptop has been acting up and as much as I want to get annoyed about it, I feel sad because I know it is getting old (like me lol). My brother told me to start looking for a new laptop because mine is 7 years old, I told him no and that I will do everything to save it — and I am going to.

Anyway, just a quick intro of why I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks. I still have a lot of things to share here and let me start with our wedding!! I love how my blog can take me back to the amazing feeling of a bride-to-be again. Looking at the photos that we documented when we were still planning things makes me feel like it was just only yesterday when we said I do.

I think one of the things that most brides do first is to meet with a designer or look for the perfect dress. I had an idea of who I want to make my dress — someone young (like me), unique, and talented! I will dedicate a special post about Mara Chua soon. So yeah, looking at her sketch made me look forward to my wedding day more and more each day. I would literally look at this photo 5x a day!!


Wedding registry is a BIG thing here in the US. I was super excited because I only saw it in movies before and now I finally got to do it…with the love of my life 😉

We chose Sur La Table because it’s our favorite store. I consider it our Toys R Us 😉


We were very happy with all the stuff that we scanned. We pretty much got half of the items on our registry when I had my first bridal shower…which is super awesome! 🙂


Scanning stuff got me feeling like…..


A and I decided to go to Strapazza for lunch. YUM!


My baked gnocchi

Potato dumplings in fresh tomato sauce. Aaaah I die. I love gnocchi and this did not disappoint. The soft pillowy texture of the gnocchi and their tomato sauce… BOMB!

DSC_0014A  DSC_0017A

A’s penne vodka



Quick stop at A-Mart for our Asian goodies 😉


…and a trip to our favorite secondhand bookstore is always a must when in Towson 😉


Fall must haves



What’s in our Trader Joe’s cart?


Dinner with friends <3

Fresh pasta and bolognese sauce. Love having Peter and Ali for dinner!


Friends who bring wine to dinner are the best kind of friends 😉


Later that week we went to Nelson Coleman for our wedding band appointment 🙂


Nelson Coleman is the oldest jewelry store in Maryland. They have been open since 1856 (yes NC is 159 years old!). This is where A bougt my engagement ring and I am so happy that he went there because they are just the best!

DSC_0801A DSC_0802A DSC_0804A

Yay for Mouthparty goodies!!! 🙂


Quinoa with shiitake mushroom and braised kale with sausage…YUMMS!


Healthy lunch at its finest 😉


I am turning 25 tomorrow!!!!!



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