11.12.14: Of lunch dates

Hello, dolls!! Happy weekend ūüôā So this coming week is pretty exciting. March is around the corner, meaning SPRING IS COMING!! What makes it even more exciting is the weekend that I am going to spend with my best friend Maricor. It has always a dream of mine to have my girlfriends visit me here in Baltimore so yeah, I am really really excited about it.

A and I are back to “dating” again. The first trimester of my pregnancy was hard. I couldn’t eat anything BUT plain food and I spent most of my¬†“free time”¬†lying in bed. Now that my belly is getting bigger, the baby is getting hungrier. I am starting to eat normally again without gagging so for the past month A has been taking me out on a “date” during our day/s off. YAY


One of our favorite places in Baltimore is the Belvedere Square. Since we always go to Tooloulou or Ejji we decided to give Atwater’s a try.

We went to Atwater’s on Falls Road prior to this but since it was more of a “lunch meeting” with a Chef that we know we were not able to order food.


I like watching people prepare food. I spend most of my days in a week doing it so yeah haha




A’s¬†Pastrami Sandwich with Egg and Cheese


Just how he likes it…runny

A enjoyed this so much because I remember looking at him and thinking “wow he is already ate half of his sandwich and I am just starting with mine ha!”


My Chicken Scottish Pie and Salad


Ooooh look at that beaut! My favorite part about eating a pie is the crust. Atwater’s did not disappoint — the crust was made with love!!! YUMMS


Atwater’s¬†Mocha Cake

Gotta have my dessert in front of me…for inspiration haha


…and another slice of cake to take home.


Atwater’s “to go” corner


Had to hold back and tell myself to just try their ice cream next time.




Should I or should I not? Spent about 10 min staring at every cookie because I really wanted to get some but I knew it would take me forever before I can eat it.So again… I had to pass haha




Cheese anyone?


Spotted brussel sprouts still attached to the stalk in the grocery


A cooked turkey tetrazzini for dinner. Man was it delish!


The day after… we craved for Chinese food (or maybe he did cause that’s the scenario everyday haha)


Shrimp stir fry!!! YUM



I remember being so inspired to dress up during fall in 2014. It all started with the pair of brown booties that I got from JustFab…that lead to me looking for a pair of tall brown boots. It’s weird but yeah… shoes make me inspired to dress up!!



Nude Basic Tee: Topshop

Bandage Skirt: Topshop

Booties: JustFab




A and I are both obsessed with Mad Men. We watched it every night after work. (mmm Don Draper!)


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Did some “grown up” shopping and bought a glass bar cart because you know…too much Mad Men can lead you to this! lol





11.10.14: Daniel Boulud in DC

Hello dolls, happy weekend!! Aaah SaturYAY.. I always get mixed emotions about Saturday. It’s the last day of my “work week” so I am usually counting the hours left until I can fully relax, which makes me really excited or¬†laaazy ha!¬†This winter has been pretty crazy for us, the blizzard put us on house arrest the weekend that we were supposed to move in, it snowed again recently which delayed some of our plans,and of course the cold weather makes us want to just cuddle in bed…all day.¬†

I am now 22 weeks pregnant. Wow! The morning sickness, horrible food aversion, and motion sickness are now starting to subside. A and I can now finally eat again and plan short trips before I give birth.

DC is always an option for us. It’s less than an hour away and there’s always something new for us to try. I can’t believe that this happened over a year ago and I am just sharing it now haha. I must have been realllly busy. Anyway, one of the things that we love to do is to go to DC with Roger and Frances, it’s always a great food trip with 2 of them.


We went to¬†DBGB, Daniel Boulud’s restaurant in DC. I was so excited because I am a fan and of course, date night in DC? Yes please!


City Center DC is beautiful especially at night. We got there at around 6PM so we got lucky with a parking spot in front of the restaurant. Continue reading “DBGB”

Valentine’s Date 2015

02.15.2015: Happy Hearts Day

Hello, dolls!! Happy Valentine’s Day!! ūüôā February 14th to me is a funny day for social media. Reading about different kinds of emotions, surprises, and expectations is pretty entertaining. From big surprises and couple dates to “IDGAF about Valentine’s Day” can see it all in one day.

So what it is Valentine’s all about,really? Is it just really about the presents and surprises that mostly teenagers expect? Or is it about roses and chocolates that women think of while putting on their red lipstick for the much awaited “Vday dinner date”. To’s all about time.

Every year, I would write how Valentine’s is more of a¬†family day¬†for me. Flower/balloons from Daddy and ¬†dinner date¬†with the family. ¬†A changed the game for me. 3 years ago I went on my first real Valentine’s date ( read it here¬†¬† and

Although we spend Valentine’s Day at work (this year I got I am spending the day cleaning our house¬†#DateWithMyself) A would see to it that we go out on a date whether it’s before or after Valentine’s Day.


Last year, we went to The Oregon Grille for a quiet and romantic brunch.


It was a very cold weekend for Baltimore but we braved the weather.

I love brunch dates with my favorite person ūüôā¬† Continue reading “Valentine’s Date 2015”

In Between Wedding Bells

In Between Wedding Bells

04.2015: Food and “I do”

HELLO HELLO HELLO DOLLS!!! Aaaah I can’t believe it has been 2 months since I last posted something here! Probably the longest “blog vacation” since I started this blog — 5 years ago.

A lot has happened since my¬†blog vacay.¬†I am going to talk about each “new beginning” on a separate post, but since I feel like I owe it to this blog for being away for quite sometime, I am going to do a quick rundown of some of our beautiful moments.


1. We finally moved in to our home. 


2. I can’t wait to see my family soon!!!

3. WE ARE EXPECTING! The world is going to gain another cutie this summer <3


So aside from those 3 things that I am focusing on right now, work and life has been pretty amazing too. I can’t believe that I have been “living the dream” for 8 months now! The journey of being a Chef is challenging,everyday has been an inspiring lesson for me — where I am right now is where I want to be.

My laptop has been pretty¬†naughty¬†for the past 2 months as well, adding up to the nausea that I have ¬†to deal with everyday during my first trimester ha. My laptop is going to be 8 years old this year… EIGHT. I have no plans of getting a new one any time soon (meaning in the next 5-10 years haha) and I know any technician would tell me to just replace it just because my mouse pad was acting funny so I had to do some research and fix it… and I did. haha


I have been missing home/Manila a lot lately. Maybe it’s the hormones, or maybe because we haven’t been home for almost a year now.

The closest that I could be to feeling like I am in the Philippines is to cook/eat Filipino food. That’s why I always encourage my Filipino friends here to get together haha

Anyway, going back to the Philippines with A means eating…a lot. We go out everyday to try a restaurant we haven’t been to, or go back to the ones we love. Planning a wedding is stressful (in case you haven’t heard about it haha) and it’s not just the couple who gets stressed out, the families too! So A and I would go on “quick lunch dates” to accomplish or do things for the wedding so we can talk about things as a couple.

Continue reading “In Between Wedding Bells”