Manila Eats: The Big Little Store (Gilmore – San Juan)

04.2015: Food and “I do”

HELLO HELLO HELLO DOLLS!!! Aaaah I can’t believe it has been 2 months since I last posted something here! Probably the longest “blog vacation” since I started this blog — 5 years ago.

A lot has happened since my blog vacay. I am going to talk about each “new beginning” on a separate post, but since I feel like I owe it to this blog for being away for quite sometime, I am going to do a quick rundown of some of our beautiful moments.


1. We finally moved in to our home. 


2. I can’t wait to see my family soon!!!

3. WE ARE EXPECTING! The world is going to gain another cutie this summer <3


So aside from those 3 things that I am focusing on right now, work and life has been pretty amazing too. I can’t believe that I have been “living the dream” for 8 months now! The journey of being a Chef is challenging,everyday has been an inspiring lesson for me — where I am right now is where I want to be.

My laptop has been pretty naughty for the past 2 months as well, adding up to the nausea that I have  to deal with everyday during my first trimester ha. My laptop is going to be 8 years old this year… EIGHT. I have no plans of getting a new one any time soon (meaning in the next 5-10 years haha) and I know any technician would tell me to just replace it just because my mouse pad was acting funny so I had to do some research and fix it… and I did. haha


I have been missing home/Manila a lot lately. Maybe it’s the hormones, or maybe because we haven’t been home for almost a year now.

The closest that I could be to feeling like I am in the Philippines is to cook/eat Filipino food. That’s why I always encourage my Filipino friends here to get together haha

Anyway, going back to the Philippines with A means eating…a lot. We go out everyday to try a restaurant we haven’t been to, or go back to the ones we love. Planning a wedding is stressful (in case you haven’t heard about it haha) and it’s not just the couple who gets stressed out, the families too! So A and I would go on “quick lunch dates” to accomplish or do things for the wedding so we can talk about things as a couple.

First stop: Hainanese Delights


I grew up eating Chinese steamed white chicken and I’ve always loved it. Going to Singapore and trying Hainanese chicken made me fall in love to the dish and method of cooking more. I knew A would love this so we decided to give it a try.

My Mom would often tell him that she will cook Hainanese chicken for him when go home..and she did! Although I made him try this first so he knows what he is getting into.


Hainanese Delights is not fancy schmancy but their dishes are on point and inexpensive. A, of course ordered a bowl of noodle soup.


The Singapore Staple


I always make sure that I order a delicious drink when we go out! Drinks in Asia are the best..and it doesn’t even have to have alcohol in it!


Tofu Terrific

Aaah one of my favorite Asian snacks! Crispy fried tofu with sweet soy sauce concoction for dipping 😉


Delicious dumplings! YES <3


Had to have friend for A and my sister haha 🙂


Second food adventure was with my parents. Our parents did a lot for our wedding. A’s family coming to the Philippines was more than enough for us, but they did more! My parents had to endure my kaartehan and my mood swings during the planning stage.

I ate a lot of things that normal kids wouldn’t eat growing up. I was chunkyyyy haha! I remember being so happy whenever my Dad would take us to a new restaurant, better if it’s hole in the wall type cause I know food would be amazing. My Dad and my Lolo influenced me a lot when it comes to eating out and pigging out. One of the restaurants that I loved growing up — The Big Little Store


Going back to TBLS with A and knowing that we can’t call Lolo to join us was really heartbreaking for me. He would’ve been so happy to see A try most of the authentic Chinese dishes that they have on the menu and the steam table! He would’ve been so impressed how he is not “maarte” when it comes to food — pretty much what he would always tell me and my cousins growing up “don’t be maarte. eat everything and anything!” (again, that’s why I was chunkyyyy lol)


I go to The Big Little Store mainly because of this. Their delicious fresh lumpia!! OMG all the healthy stuff in it and how all of the ingredients just blend together, and the sauce..omg the sauce! YES! #drooling


A can’t pass on a hot bowl of congee


He just had


What’s a meal without yang chow fried rice? Mmm


Soy milk!! One of my favorite drinks. I remember Daddy buying bottles and bottles of fresh soy milk for my siblings and I because it’s healthy…and delish!

Also had chilled taho after my meal.. YUMS!


Lobster and Corn Soup — noms!


Delicious mushroom dish with tripe


Tofu dish in brown sauce.. I do not know the name! We often order this because itssss sooo gooood!


Pig’s Ear in a delicios sweet and spicy soy sauce


I forgot what kind of fish this was but it was cooked almost like “Adobo”


Chili game on


For our third food adventure of the week, A and I went to another Singaporean inspired restaurant — Boon Tong Kee

And yes, being with A in the Philippines means eating A LOT of Asian food! 




Pork Buns


Delicious filling in a heavenly bun


A’s Wanton Mee Noodle Soup

Roasted pork, wontons, veggies,and noodles


I like how they pour the soup in front of you from a teapot.


Lunch meeting with my groom 🙂


Another lunch “date/meeting” with A the day after. Took him to one of my favorite coffee shops in the Philippines, CBTL. Showed him why I prefer it over Starbucks haha


The boys getting a haircut

I miss doing things with all of my siblings!!


Oh you know..just a regular “inihaw” (grilled) dinner at home! <3

Grilled veggies (tomato, onion,eggplant), pork belly, and chicken barbecue. OMG come to Mama!


Always happy to be with my sister <3



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