Valentine’s Date Diaries: The Oregon Grille

02.15.2015: Happy Hearts Day

Hello, dolls!! Happy Valentine’s Day!! 🙂 February 14th to me is a funny day for social media. Reading about different kinds of emotions, surprises, and expectations is pretty entertaining. From big surprises and couple dates to “IDGAF about Valentine’s Day” can see it all in one day.

So what it is Valentine’s all about,really? Is it just really about the presents and surprises that mostly teenagers expect? Or is it about roses and chocolates that women think of while putting on their red lipstick for the much awaited “Vday dinner date”. To’s all about time.

Every year, I would write how Valentine’s is more of a family day for me. Flower/balloons from Daddy and  dinner date with the family.  A changed the game for me. 3 years ago I went on my first real Valentine’s date ( read it here  and

Although we spend Valentine’s Day at work (this year I got I am spending the day cleaning our house #DateWithMyself) A would see to it that we go out on a date whether it’s before or after Valentine’s Day.


Last year, we went to The Oregon Grille for a quiet and romantic brunch.


It was a very cold weekend for Baltimore but we braved the weather.

I love brunch dates with my favorite person 🙂 


The Oregon Grille is in the heart of Maryland’s horse country. The saddles on the wall that greeted us and the beautiful estate makes The Oregon Grille the perfect place for our Valentine’s date


Vday vibes


My mimosa <3


A’s bacon infused bloody mary


We got seated at the “patio”. I loved it because we had the privacy that we wanted and great lighting for my photos 😉


A must when we go to brunch dates.

A while ago we were talking about going out for brunch. I told him that I haven’t been really inspired to go to a really good brunch place because I will just get “slightly” upset about not drinking mimosa or freshly squeezed orange juice!!! It’s “mababaw” and funny but yeah haha


Yay for warm bread and whipped butter


A’s Hangtown Fry

Frittata style egg dish topped with fried oysters, bacon,ham, green onions and cheddar

DSC_1350AWe ordered both of our favorites because what better way to celebrate a romantic brunch date?


  My delicious classic eggs benedict

Was a little disappointed about the hollandaise because the consistency was literally like a whipped butter. 🙁


Forgot to tell him that I really wanted “smoked salmon benedict” so I just ordered the smoked salmon on the side..cause you know, I did not want to be a pain in the A and send my food back haha



What Chefs give each other on Valentine’s Day lol


Since the Ad Hoc cookbook is my main present for him I decided to do a pork/pig theme for the rest of my presents…well some.

How awesome is this pig shaped platter?


A loves pork…like a lot!


My Valentine’s card played the part too. *oink*


A’s main gift for me is the tartine cookbook, so he gave me cutesy baking stuff to go with it.

My favorite has got to be this macaron timer 😉


Yay books


Chocolates to add to my drawer full of snacks haha


Dad and Mom made us feel special too 🙂


A’s Valentine’s bag


My Valentine’s bag from the in laws 🙂


How cute is this?




I like to wear red or pink on Valentine’s Day because it reminds me of love. Cheesy but yeah..color matters to me! ha

Heels: DAS


One of my favorite skirts. Thanks to my brother Remo and Klariz 🙂


I prefer wearing pants during winter because it’s heavier. But whenever A and I goes on a date I like to wear a skirt over my leggings to feel extra girly lol


Thank you for always keeping me warm during winter <3


Forever Valentine



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