Emporiyum 2015

11.16.14: YUUUUM!

*So I failed to publish this on Friday.. ha! Anyway, HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!! 

Hello, dolls!! Happy weekend!! <3 Another week flew by…aah I can’t believe it’s almost April — our anniversary month!! 🙂 The rest of the year is going to be amazing but I know for sure that the best months will be April, May, and June! It sounds random (I know) but thinking about meeting our baby in 3 months is giving me so much excitement!!

Majority of my Facebook friends are posting about Holy Week in the Philippines. It’s making me miss home more and the things that my family and I would do during Holy Week. It’s been a while since I did “Visita Iglesia” — and how it becomes a food trip adventure after. I miss our “staycations” and how we would observe the religious practices each day. I miss how it’s not about Easter baskets and brunch. Ahhh…home.

Anyway, this Easter weekend is going to be pretty good! A and I are going on an adventure tomorrow. I can’t wait!


Right around April, I get nostalgic about the things that we did when we became a couple and the adventures that we went to celebrate our anniversary.

One of our favorites? Emporiyum!


We attended the first Emporiyum event in Baltimore 2 years ago. It was in April, a couple of days after our anniversary so I have this I-love-Emporiyum-because-it’s-our -thing- feeling”. Continue reading “Emporiyum 2015”


Sirius Espresso II

04.09.2015: “Sirius” Love

Hello, dolls!! Happy weekend! <3 It’s the weekend again…finally! I can’t believe that it was already a week ago when my best friend Maricor came here to visit A and I. I woke up today feeling like I am just ready to for my maternity leave. All the so-this-is-what-it-feels-like-to-be-pregnant symptoms are kicking in — I can’t lay my head on my pillow without falling asleep, my stamina is low, and I am just hungry and sleepy all.the.time! So anyway, we lost an hour today (hello daylight savings!) and I told myself last night that I want to be productive BUUUUT the baby wouldn’t stop kicking. Every time I try to move or get out of the bed he would kick, it’s like he knows that I need to relax today so yeah.. I took a nap and woke up an hour..baby is still active and kicking! I was feeling more exhausted so I decided to just stay in bed for the first half of my morning — my normal self would definitely freak out about this because I am all about getting things done haha.

Anyway, so here I am trying to accomplish things on my list for today, and my main goal is to publish this entry tonight.


Whenever I think about going home, I think about Sirius Espresso.


A and I love starting our own traditions. One of our traditions whenever we go home to the Philippines is to go to Sirius Espresso.

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