Bridal Shower: Rianna’s Tea Party

04.11.2015: Showers of Happiness Round 2!

Hello, dolls! Hello, APRIL!! Aaah our anniversary month <3 I can’t believe that A and I got married¬†last year…¬†LAST YEAR! So I will definitely spend each day this month reminiscing about our wedding and all the events that happened when we were all in the Philippines. One of which, my bridal shower!! I am very blessed because I got to have 2 bridal showers on both sides of the world.

My Mom and Chella did not have a lot of time to plan my bridal shower (I wasn’t really being cooperative at first because I was getting stressed about the wedding! haha). I don’t know how they did it, but it was one of the sweetest days in my life.


Happiest bride-to-be! <3


I love french macarons.

I love afternoon tea.

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