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Wedding Diaries: Final Food Tasting

04.07.2015: K by Cunanan x Chinatown

Hello, dolls! Happy weekend!! Aaah finally, time to relax..wait, do I really have time to relax this weekend? 

My parents are going to be here in less than 48 hours!!! Meaning I only have less than 48 hours to gussy up our home. It’s a bit challenging because today is a work day so there goes half of my 48 hours ūüôĀ¬†Anyway, my parents said (especially my Mom) they do not mind the mess that they would rather help me…but I do!!! So yes I am crossing my fingers that this house will be in good shape when they get here.¬†P.S. my pregnant self can’t do all the work obviously so I hired some help. I can’t wait!

I love reminiscing about our wedding, and I also like to look back and remember the things that we did to get ready for it.It was challenging of course, but definitely worth it.

*okay so obviously I wasn’t able to post this 2 weeks ago because things got prettty crazy again haha


I love white.

Every time I plan a party, I always opt for the color white.¬†Maybe because I am super OC so I like things to look clean…or maybe because I love the purity of white.


I know some brides had to drag their grooms when it comes to the feminine side of wedding planning. I mean, let’s be honest, planning a wedding is not easy and it involves a lot of kaartehan¬†aka details that men don’t want to deal with.Women are great when it comes to nailing down things like planning a wedding because we can handle the hour long meetings about flowers or cake tasting.

I am blessed because A was there beside me all the waaaaay. He even helped me make the bouquets for our entourage —¬†hopefully I can work on my entries about our wedding soon so I can share the photos soon!¬† (more…)


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