Wedding Diaries: Final Food Tasting

04.07.2015: K by Cunanan x Chinatown

Hello, dolls! Happy weekend!! Aaah finally, time to relax..wait, do I really have time to relax this weekend? 

My parents are going to be here in less than 48 hours!!! Meaning I only have less than 48 hours to gussy up our home. It’s a bit challenging because today is a work day so there goes half of my 48 hours 🙁 Anyway, my parents said (especially my Mom) they do not mind the mess that they would rather help me…but I do!!! So yes I am crossing my fingers that this house will be in good shape when they get here. P.S. my pregnant self can’t do all the work obviously so I hired some help. I can’t wait!

I love reminiscing about our wedding, and I also like to look back and remember the things that we did to get ready for it.It was challenging of course, but definitely worth it.

*okay so obviously I wasn’t able to post this 2 weeks ago because things got prettty crazy again haha


I love white.

Every time I plan a party, I always opt for the color white. Maybe because I am super OC so I like things to look clean…or maybe because I love the purity of white.


I know some brides had to drag their grooms when it comes to the feminine side of wedding planning. I mean, let’s be honest, planning a wedding is not easy and it involves a lot of kaartehan aka details that men don’t want to deal with.Women are great when it comes to nailing down things like planning a wedding because we can handle the hour long meetings about flowers or cake tasting.

I am blessed because A was there beside me all the waaaaay. He even helped me make the bouquets for our entourage — hopefully I can work on my entries about our wedding soon so I can share the photos soon! 


K by Cunanan’s food tasting is good for 4-5 people so we decided to bring Daddy.Mama,and Chella with us.

It is perfect way for the couple and the parents to enjoy the food without being bothered haha. We all know how parties could get, the celebrants/hosts could hardly eat anything during the party. So I am glad we did this together.

I tried to take as many photos as I can but it’s hard not to “dig in” right away haha


Crostini with Prawn Thermidor

Very flavor! Most catering companies in the Philippines uses cream so much that it could mask the entire flavor of the dish. The cheese and cream were balanced with the flavors of the shrimp, bell pepper,and herbs.


Seared Tuna on Tortilla with Arugula and Caramelized Onions

My favorite appetizer! I am bias because I love tuna but this one is the bommmb! We are lucky because our wedding coordinator’s team was very efficient. They fed A and I before we walked in to our reception so I was able to eat about 10 of this! For real!


Hoisin Crackling Pork Wrap

Cause a Filipino party is not complete without pork!! Mmmm so delish!


We had French Onion Soup for our wedding but K by Cunanan was not able to prepare that during our final food tasting so they gave us cream of mushroom instead.


Insalata Caprese with Orange, Walnuts, and Strawberry Vinaigrette

Aaaah one my favorite salads ever!!! Everyone loved this too!


Roast Beef with Creamed Spinach and Crispy Potatoes


Osso Bucco

I order osso bucco whenever I see it on the menu so I wanted to have it on our wedding. I am glad K by Cunan makes a good osso bucco!


Mixed Seafood Pasta

Gotta have something Italian to represent A 🙂


Tuna Salpicao 

I love this!!!! We all loved this!!




Our final table setup <3




I am still amazed by the love that A and I get from the people around us. We’ve been married for more than a year now but every time we celebrate something, we are still in awe of how much love we receive. We never ask and yet we are blessed with surprises from our loved ones from time to time. I know that is God’s way of blessing us, through our families and friends.

Anyway, my point is… I don’t get to hangout with my friends in the Philippines because obviously I am a gazillion miles away. I even feel bad because I suck at communicating with them online. It takes me daaaays to respond most of the time, sometimes even weeks! I feel horrible whenever that happens. I am lucky because my friends are understanding! They make time for me whenever I go home, and now A is part of that too!

The first time I introduced A to my friends I was worried that most of them won’t feel comfortable. First, he doesn’t speak our language so it was already challenging to be “normal aka crazy” — but no, I realized we can all find our common ground and so that’s what we talked and laughed about. Second, they hardly know him. They do not know anything about him but the stuff that we post online, I guess he makes me happy so much that even my friends know that they do not need to play detective for them to like him — in fairness to him, he is really likable! Lastly, I guess they are more scared for him because they know who I am hahaha. I have my super crazy days and they said “they respect how A could deal with that”.


My awesome friends from Culinary school took A and I out for lunch before our wedding. Being with A for 4 years now, I think everyone back home know that he is crazy about Asian food!! So they took us to one of the best Chinese restaurants in Chinatown, Manila — Waiying.


A’s big bowl of  roasted duck noodle soup.

Let me tell you now that everything was beyond amazing!! 

Dim sum love!!!!

We were in heaven!!!


A loves the iced tea in Asia. If he could drink gallons of it in a day, he would!


 A and I kept on saying how we were reminded of our Hong Kong trip because of the dim sum feast that we had.


Legit level 100


Thank you so much, friendships!!!!!! <3

Missing Leigh, Cams, Choi, Rochelle, Eldrin, Ate Cza, Aaron, Carlos, Nikki, Kim, and Michael.



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