Lola’s 75th

04.13.2015:My #1

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 What a month! I can’t believe that our baby A is 13 days old now — did I really give birth 2 weeks ago? My family keeps on telling me it seems like I did not give birth at all because I am back to my normal groove (keeping myself busy with stuff!).Only difference is I have the cutest little boy in my arms!I love devoting my time for his feeding , changing his diaper doesn’t bother me (cause it doesn’t smell yet!haha), and I also like seeing our family hold him. I know some people can get overprotective with their newborn, not me when it comes to family! He is loved by many and I want him to know and feel that.

Anyway, I bet my family felt the same way when I was born. Especially my Lola,just like how my Mom and Mom-In-Law are with baby A! They always say it’s different with the first grandchild, and I can see why. The anticipation, the feeling of having a new role in someone’s life, and the love. I am my Lola’s first, and I remember growing up and seeing her every week! Growing up, every Sunday I cried because that’s the day that she would go home. I remember her taking me to Quiapo to watch a movie and it’s still by far the best movie date ever. My Lola is my #1, so what are the odds of her turning 75 the same year we are home for our wedding? We all know it’s not easy to go home when you live abroad, but aaah God is just really good to us!


My Lola is the simplest person that I know. She is not hard to please. I remember every Saturday my siblings and I would make sure we order pizza for merienda (afternoon snack) because that is her favorite. I would get really emotional when she goes to our house and she has pizza for us. I feel like we should be the one treating her! Not the other way around.

She is not a shopaholic and maarte like me. She will only buy something if she really needs it, like when something breaks and she has to replace it. Her happiness is us, her family. She doesn’t like the thought of spending too much .She is the most selfless person that I know.So for her birthday, Mama planned a simple celebration with the entire family — Lola’s siblings, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and us!


We went to The Food Club. A new buffet restaurant in Manila. 


For 799php (weekend rate) I have to say, their buffet is impressive. I’ve been to buffets wherein you can really taste the lack of love towards the food that they are serving. Buffets that put out more than 50 dishes but half of them are not even that good.



My #1


Roses and sweet messages for Lola!

Here is A making Lola happy…


..and me making her cry even more. #LolasGirl






A’s family arrived in Manila the day after Lola’s birthday party (mind you that this is still part of our wedding diaries.)


Jet lag is the enemy when traveling.Since A’s family was only in MNL for a couple of days, we did not waste any time! A wanted to show them what the malls in the Philippines look like (malls in the Philippines look better and more elegant than the malls here in Amuuurica!) so we went to Greenbelt first.

I love Greenbelt because it’s not crowded and the restaurants are awesome!



Greenbelt Chapel


Lunch at Hap Chan Tea House because A loves Asian food (I am going to say this over and over again!!!)


What happiness looks like for him haha




A’s jaw dropped when they put this on the table…



I gave A’s family a gift bag filled with Filipino snacks. It’s their first time in the Philippines and I wanted them to try the stuff that Filipinos love.

and also essentials like sunblock, sanitizer, and mosquito repellent! 

First dinner with both of our families at home.




Segue cause I miss this!! haha #NOMS


To more adventures with this dude!



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