Wedding Diaries: Say Yes To The Dress

April 2015: Before “I do” is “let’s do”

Hello dolls!! Only 5 days left until we kiss August goodbye, how are you going to spend it? It’s another bittersweet month for me. I honestly don’t know how I feel about September yet. August is my last full month with baby A before I go back to work — hello loooong hours at work again. After spending 3 months here, Daddy is going back to the Philippines. So yeah, I am not sure if I want August to end yet. sigh.I am happy that A is off for the next 2 weeks so there will be plenty of adventures before we go back to reality.

Speaking of adventures and reality. Last year was filled with love for A and I. We stayed in the Philippines for a month and got married. It was an amazing journey showing A the things and places that I grew up loving. We’ve been reminiscing about our “life in Manila” lately and how he wants baby A to try all the Asian dishes that he ate when he was there. Haaay… I can’t wait to go back to the Philippines with #MyABoys 😉


Before “I do” is “Let’s Do”

Having a destination wedding is not easy. There were a lot of things that I had to consider — like, I really wanted to do a lot of DIY stuff for my wedding but travelling or shipping a lot of stuff from the US to the Philippines is another challenge that I will have to deal with, so I minimized the DIYs that I had to do here. Every time I have to make a decision I would always remind myself to be smart about it.

Prior to our wedding day, A and I would go on “lunch meetings” to talk about our big day. No distractions, just the two of us making decisions —it’s really helpful to have alone time with your fiance when finalizing details. Instead of pressuring A, I get his full attention with a one on one date and food. 


Love At First Sight

Mara Chua x Jimmy Choo


One rule I had for myself as a bride-to-be: only hire the best

Best caterer (K by Cunanan), best photographer (Pat Dy), best videographer (Jason Magbanua), best wedding coordinator (Monina E), and best fashion designer (Mara Chua)

These people made my life easier. All I had to do was to trust them.


I was speechless when I saw my dress!!!


I told Mara I am not traditional. I do not want white. No lace either. I let her design a dress for me. She did not really have to draw anything in front of me when I first met her, cause in my head it was already a YES. I did not really have a clear vision of what I want my wedding gown to be, just 4 things that I want to see — not white, no lace,long trail, and off shoulder ( I love off shoulder too much!)


Mara definitely made me the happiest bride by making me something so beautiful and unique! Every part of my dress was well crafted.. Look at all the beads on my dress, it was sewn one by one!


The trail was one of a kind. Not your typical plain jane. Look at that beautiful accent that more than 3 people had to work on. I remember going to her office several times and seeing her employees working on my dress for days. My dress was full of character and made with love, which I felt as soon as I tried it on.

One day, I am going to wear it again! A gave me an idea of doing a photoshoot like our pre-nup in New York. So leeeet’s see 😉


Maid of honor, bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride, Bride-to-be.

This post is not going to be complete without me talking about food! 😉


My family and I love Singapore! We adore their food so much!! Bugis is now one of my favorite restaurants in Manila. Their laksa is soooo good I could literally buy a plane ticket now just to have a bowl of it.


Other dishes that we tried. I wasn’t really able to try most of it because I was enjoying the laksa too much.


Hainanese Chicken to make our Singaporean dinner complete! 🙂

One of my favorite moments in the Philippines. When Daddy and A went on a lunch date before our wedding 🙂


…so of course they went to Le Ching for dim sum! ha

A lot of bride-to-bes go on a strict diet and workout routine before the wedding. I wasn’t able to do that because I was already on my feet at least 50 hours every week, work became my workout.


Since I love boxing, I told A that I do not want to go back to the US without us boxing together. So we did it a couple of days before the wedding. It became more of a laughing experience with him!

2 days before the wedding!!



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