Manila Diaries: Almost I Do (INTRAMUROS WALKING TOUR)

April 2015

Hello, dolls! Hello, October!! What an eventful first week of October. We are celebrating 3 birthdays this week — Gerry, Peter, and Mama’s. I am so happy I get to celebrate Mama’s birthday with her this year, last time I was home for her birthday was 2013. Hopefully starting this year I won’t miss any birthdays again!So Alexander is 14 weeks old now…wow how time flies! It really is amazing to see him grow. Every milestone in his life is joy to all of us. Can you believe he prefers to stand during playtime and talks A LOT now. Aaaah my cute boy! <3

Anyway, Only 2 months left until we kiss 2016 goodbye. As much as I hate to see another awesome year go, I am (once again) excited for January to come. There will be lots of adventure for us! 🙂


I love 2016 because I did not feel like I was away from my family at all. My sister was here to welcome 2016 with me, my parents arrived in the US and June and Mama is staying until December so yeah.. I love 2016.

Although I have to say, even if my family could stay here for n months, I still miss the Philippines — I miss my Lola most especially. So yeah, 2017 you are going to be even better!


Now that we have baby A, every adventure is extra exciting, extra memorable, and filled with extra extra extra love.

I used to wonder how it would be when my family and A’s family are together. It happened a year and a half ago when A’s family (now my family too!) went to the Philippines for our wedding.

They were only there for a couple of weeks and most days we had to devote for the wedding/wedding prep. Here’s one of the awesome adventures that we had during their first week in Manila.


I’ve always been a city girl. Whenever I think about Manila, I think about the malls or restaurants that I’ve been to or want to go to. So when I was thinking of places to take my in laws in Manila, A and I came up with a long list of restaurants and malls, and not a lot of “touristy” adventures.

I am familiar with the museums but let’s be honest, it’s nothing like the Smithsonian and also 2 years ago (and I know even more) museums were overlooked by the government. I remember visiting a couple of museums when I was younger with my parents and siblings and they were all maintained well. I went a couple of times again when I was older during school field trips and it was just not the same anymore. I mean look at our zoos in Manila now? Kudos to the newly elected President though for making the entrance fee for the National Museum free.


So yeah, first thing that came to mind when A and I were planning activities to do was Intramuros.


My sister before she gained 20 pounds here in the US.


Details inside the Manila Cathedral






It’s now a tradition for A and I to go to La Mien whenever we are in the Philippines. It’s amazing how A loves our simple adventures more than going to high end restaurants and bars when in Manila. Whenever I miss home, I would just tell him a couple of the Chinese restaurants that we love, and he will say, “let’s go back” haha

Hand pulled noodles feast! #YUM


Fried pork dumplings for 6


I could seriously finish 2 orders of their steamed dumplings. #LIFE



After braving the traffic from manila to Quezon City, we went to Nail Cocktales to get our nails done before the wedding.


Much needed foot spa



I want this for our house!!!


Chella’s feet mummified haha


Perfect spot for bridal showers or pamper day with the girls!






almost ready to say I do


To make our Asin adventure complete, we went to King Chef Dim sum for dinner.

Here are some of the DELICIOUS dim sums that we had



It was one of our best dinners in 2015 because we are ALL together. The Galvez-Stavrides fambam!!!



Sooooo we pretty much ordered everything from the menu 😛






Wondering if my clothes in MNL still fit me…. ha



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