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03.9.15: DC before I do

Hello, dolls! Hello, Halloween!!! Growing up, Halloween is something I did not look forward to. Trick or treating is not a thing in the Philippines and I’ve always envied kids here in the US because they get to do that. Like how awesome is it for a child to come home with a bucket of candies? When I was 18, my best friends and I threw a Halloween party, we decorated an empty house and turned it into a Horror House! It was one of the best parties hat we organized!Every year after that we would all see each other on Halloween,dressed up as “someone” with clothes from our closets.

Last year was special. I can narrate everything that happened on that 24 hour period…but of course I am not going to do that because it might just bore you haha. So anyway, we went to Peter and Ali’s house party. I was so busy from work that I just decided to be “North West” (lol). Dressed in ALL black, leather jacket, and a tutu looking skirt. Anyway, what makes our Halloween special was my announcement to Gerry. I don’t know what hit me that morning but I remember walking to the Rite Aid close to my workplace. I bought a pack of pregnancy test, went back to work, and without hesitations I did the test. I remember being so antsy that night. I was thinking of a way to tell A, I was so excited to see his reaction! I took an uber to his workplace because I really couldn’t wait any longer. I remember thinking I couldn’t just show him the stick, I want to add a little arte to my announcement. So I bought a bunch of candy bars and put everything in a brown bag with the PT (I cleaned it first of course haha). I can’t believe it was a year ago already!!! We celebrated the great news in DC and had dinner at Momofuku…which I will be blogging about soon, hopefully.


Hello, DC <3


We love trying new restaurants whenever we are in DC. For spontaneous date trips like this, we like to be extra adventurous by trying something new. We passed by Chicken Rico on our way to our favorite museum. I was super hungry so I told A it would be nice to try Chicken Rico because I know food will be served right away. 


The International 

charcoal chicken, black beans, guacamole, corn kernels, tomatoes, red onions, green and red peppers and sour cream on a bed of romaine lettuce. Topped with taco strips and shredded cheese.

My delicious bowl of salad!! Aaaah I want this now!


Their chicken is soooo good!!! Very flavorful and tender! Not overcooked. I love beans so I am going to be kind of biased when I say… I loved it so so much!And aaah the rice… at that time I was still being extra maarte aka no rice diet…but it looked so good that I couldn’t resist!


I look meh but I am actually enjoying my meal! ha




1 of the 1000 selfies that I took that day


A took me to my faovrite museum!!! <3


He knows how to make me smile.




It was a gorgeous day!! Perfect to take pictures outsid the museum 🙂



favorite spot in my favorite museum






fiance time

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Asked a stranger to take a picture of us.



R <3

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