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Winter 2015

Hello,dolls! Hello, 2017!!!! How’s 2017 for you so far? Mine’s been pretty exciting! A couple of changes here and there and tons of planning for our upcoming trip!! Aaah I am really excited to be with my family again. Year 2017 is all about “getting ready, planning, and making things happen” for me.

Getting ready to start something new. Do something more and get out there.It sounds vague right now but soon it will be out there for everyone to know…and taste 😉 Getting ready to become a part of something big aka the big move — which will also help me make things happen. Getting ready for Christmas this year because it is going to be SUPER AWESOME to have everyone here! 🙂 I AM SO EXCITED!

Planning… I am the Queen of plans! I can never go a day without planning anything. Whether it be the clothes that I wear, how I schedule my time at home and work, or anything that could possibly help me go on life without strangling anyone! lol

———- I wrote the first part of my entry before we went to the Philippines. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish it #FacePalm.


I think I am just going to “officially” start my entry by saying.. I AM REALLY EXCITED to have dinner with my family every night again. I am still a working Momma, just with better hours! I am really happy about it because I can spend more time with baby A and still be able to do what I love to do!

I look forward to eating more pasta this year! Just like this delicious plate of spaghetti with clams.


Before Alexander, A and I were “okay” with our set up. Dinner together once or twice a week. It sounds pretty sad but we made it work.

So now, let me look back to our awesome dinners (and some random heaps) when we were still living at our first apartment. Pretty soon we will be using this entry as a reference lol


We bought this claypot when we went to Hong Kong  in 2013. It reminds me of Jordan St. One of my favorite areas to go to because of the late night grub.

Here’s A’s first clay pot dish — pork with broccoli and egg.


A loves it when I cook Asian food for dinner. I find it funny that he thinks I can just cook any Asian food like a pro because I am Asian. HAHA


I love japchae!! I remember when I was at the hype of my “koreanovela” marathon! I wanted to eat Korean food everyday! So I watched and bookmarked a lot of recipes and learn how to make japchae!


It is one of the easiest dishes ever! YUM


Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation

Had a special afternoon helping the ladies at church


Got this awesome Greek book as a reward!


A’s Irish Brown Bread



Mmmm.. sooo good! Nothing better than freshly baked bread!


Bones ready to go in the oven for stock




Some nights we like to play with our toys. Sous vide chicken souvlaki


“MYO” Greek sandwich



My chicken embutido — Filipino version of meatloaf


Misua, Embutido, and San Mig Light for A #VeryPinoy


Great find at Shoppers!


Beef heart tacos! YASS!


A’s Asian style asapragus


My “farro fried rice”. Back when I did not eat rice lol


I love making creme brulee for dessert when we have company! <3



Bottomless mimosa? YES PLS! Can’t wait to do this again!


Adding this picture here because it definitely doen’t feel like winter right now!!! ha



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