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‘06.27.16: The New Meaning of Life.

Hello, dolls! Hello, Mommas!! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! <3 It’s my first Mother’s Day and aaaah I have so much love in my heart right now! I am so excited to share my birthing story with you guys again. I know I posted a brief story about it on Facebook almost a year ago, but writing about it on my blog feels more special because I know I could really pour my heart out.

If you were to ask me last year if I am ready to be a Mom, I would probably give you a hard no. I am a very career driven person, and I have a long list of goals that I am still trying to achieve. There are a few things that would always cross my mind whenever I get asked when A and I are having a baby — traveling, family, and work. I am the kind of person who likes to plan everything. I live by my lists/notes. By now, A is already used to seeing a million post its in our bedroom and a gazillion notebooks in my drawer.

“Baby?Being a Mom?NOT YET!”I can’t not travel for more than a year, I have to be somewhere — always! I still have things that I want to do for and with my family, I love giving back to Daddy and Mama! And how about work? I love working, I love the adrenaline, I love being in the kitchen. These are the things that I always think of whenever the baby topic comes up. Mentally, I wasn’t ready to be a Mom.

As I mentioned before, I am a planner. I like to plan things. So was baby A planned? Did A and I talk about it? It’s 50-50 I would say. I always tease A about his age. He is not that old but I just like to tease him about how he is “almost 30”.  In 2015 he turned 28, the conversation about him not wanting to have his first child at or after 30. So yeah, that’s how it started.We were not actively trying for a baby, and it’s not like we planned when to get pregnant. We talked about it and we were okay with me getting pregnant if ever. So yeah, it was 50-50.


Hello, Alexander Constantine Stavrides.


My due date was June 27,2016. 2 weeks before that everyone was already telling me that I could give birth any minute. Every time someone would tell me that I get a little nervous. Am I really ready to be a Mom? Will my body handle it?

I stopped working 5 days before I gave birth (told you! I am that committed to working lol). I remember feeling exhausted all day when I finally told myself “okay, it’s time to focus on the baby”. Everyone was telling me to stop working and relax, but my body was justI was kind of rushing to get his nursery organized. I only had 1 week to get it together!

It was around at 7:15 AM on June 27,2016 when my water broke — a Monday. We always go on adventures every Monday but I did not know that it would be that kind of adventure.  My initial reaction was — “wow this baby is on point, he wants to come out on his due date!” — NOT! ha read below to know how long we had to wait to finally meet him! lol

Anyway, I was able to take a bath, do my make up (like kilay is life guys!), and check our hospital bag again to see if we missed anything. A, however, was in shock — composed but I’ve never seen him run around the house like that.


We got to the hospital at 8:30AM. I was still chill. I walked from the garage building to the main building of St. Joseph’s. Thanks to pregnancy yoga I remained calm throughout my labor and delivery!

So when they did my initial exam, I couldn’t help but think “how am I going to push this baby out??”. I still had GOT fever from the night before and all I could hear in my head was Jon Snow’s voice saying ” I KNOW NOTHING!!!”

They finally assigned us a delivery room. After being “interviewed” to be checked in so it took us at least an hour to get settled. Like I said, I was chill – no panicking.

I hate needles, but then I realized it was just the beginning of labor and delivery so whatevs.. I had to suck it up.


Time Check: 12:29 PM

We thought it would only take us 3-4 hours until we meet baby A — not really.


I was on a clear liquid diet. WORST EVER! I only had a blueberry muffin before we got to the hospital so you can just imagine how “hangry” I was until 1AM in the morning, the next day!

One of the few things that I was allowed to eat — ice pop and some tasteless broth that made me so mad haha


So of course, in the middle of me getting mad about not being allowed to eat, Gerry puts on the show Bizaare Foods.

Contractions and hunger does not sit well together.


This is how you know your husband loves you…. he eats a giant sub, a bag of chips, and soda in front of you when you are on a strict diet.#IAlmostStrangledHim


I pretty much drank 3 gallons of apple juice just to get through my hunger… I am surprised baby A did not come out smelling like apple juice.


Then the contractions began..

A held my hand through all of the contractions (and suffered minor injuries because of my hard grips and pinches haha jk).


I know some people choose to have someone else aside from their husband when they go into labor. I remember even thinking, wow maybe I can have my family wait in the waiting room until I give birth so we can all welcome the baby together.

But as my due date drew closer (and yes people telling me things will change after the baby is born#LikeWhatever) I realized that it’s only Gerry that I need beside me when I give birth. It was also a great way for us to be TWOgether. We talked, we survived the long journey of labor and delivery,and we were able to be “US” at the very last moment of “just being us” without anyone around us.


If I could still manage to take a selfie in between contractions, I am not getting an epidural yet. HAHA

…and I am glad I got it hours before I delivered because who knew baby A wanted to take his sweet time! I was sucking up every contraction until it got stronger that I was already thinking about walking out of the hospital to get Chick Fil A…#ForReal


“There you are my love” <3

After being at the hospital for 16 hours, baby A finally deicded to say HELLO <3

Pushed for 45 minutes, and I swear half of the time I had to ask them to “pause” so I can drink apple juice or water because I could really feel my hunger haha


It’s real! Baby A is here

A lot of people ask me if it was painful to give birth. I have to be honest, if it weren’t of the pregnancy yoga and me staying active at work, I don’t think my body would be as prepared and strong when I gave birth. I know most women decide to “relax” during pregnancy. Some are advised by their Doctor/s and some….just decide to do it because they think their body couldn’t handle it. One of the things that my Doctor told me was to stay active and not let pregnancy be the reason for me to eat extra extra extra. Some women think that since they are pregnant they have to eat for two all the time, which causes harm to the baby and Mom when overdone. Everything should be in moderation and staying active and preparing your body for the “big day” will help you during delivery.


7 pounds and 4.4 ounces. Everyone thought he was going to be a small baby because my belly did not really look big until I was about 7 months pregnant.


“send this to my Mom so she knows what size shoes to get”


I never doubted A when it comes to being a Dad. In the past 48 hours, I feel like he transformed into someone even better. Someone that made me thank God over and over again because he is just amazing to our baby.


I know it’s Mother’s Day today but I can’t help but think about how amazing A is as a Dad to baby A! I wouldn’t be a great Mom to our baby if without the support that I get from my husband (and the help of my Mom of course ;P )


I wish I was able to take a picture of his face seconds before I took this shot. It was the first time he held Alexander. Priceless.


My heart!!! My heart is full of love <3


Back when A could hold baby A with just one hand. Now he is a big bubba!


You know you are blessed when you get to see this everyday <3


Obligatory photo session so we can finally send a picture to our family who stayed up until 1AM.


Baby A’s first selfie.


Daddy’s favorite <3 Nose to nose <3


So I was super excited because aside from finally meeting baby A, I get to eat!!!! But who am I kidding, it was already 1:30 when they finished cleaning us up. Nothing’s open… only option was this SAD SAD SAD vending machine.

A got me a bag of doritos so after we got out of the hospital I was on a doritos high! I ate doritos for weeks!!!! Yikes!!!


Good morning!!!! It’s real Mommy, I am here


My family could not wait to visit us at the hospital!!! I am so glad my parents and sister were all here in the US when I gave birth <3


It’s uncommon for the Dad to be documented during childbirth. I wanted to preserve what transpired that day especially because I knew A was going to be nothing but wonderful.


I mean…look at the way he looks at baby A <3


Did we sleep the first night? Yes we did! Baby A is such a good baby! I am really grateful that he doesn’t give us a hard time. I don’t know if we are just expecting for the worst, or maybe because he really is just a good baby.



We often caught him like this! Making us laugh since day 1.


Life has a new meaning and it’s all because of you <3


Mommy’s new favorite <3


I kept mum about postpartum. I am the kind of person who likes to deal with emotional stuff on my own. I breakdown to my husband when things get really heavy for me. I remember our first night at home, it wasn’t that bad but of course, just like any other newborns, baby A was crying. I remember trying to put him to sleep and crying with him while doing it. Not because of frustration, but because I kept on imagining that he will grow up soon and leave me. I thought of him as a big guy who will soon not need me.I cry when my parents try to help us when baby A wouldn’t stop crying at 2AM — I felt like I should be doing it all. I felt ashamed that I couldn’t make my baby stop crying. It wasn’t easy to deal with postpartum but I am blessed to have a husband who hugged me tighter whenever things would get rough for me.


Thank you Mama for all that you do for us!!! <3


Lolo has a new baby to love <3


The joy in their eyes when they saw baby A <3 <3 <3


You are loved my boy!! You are loved <3

I want him to know that he is loved. Everyday he is going to know that. There’s a different kind of feeling when you see someone that you love be loved by many.


I pray that baby A grows up like his Daddy. A loving husband and father.


A’s first time to change baby A’s diaper.

Up until now, A lets me sleep through the night. He would let me pump so we have milk ready for baby A in case he wakes up. He will feed him and change his diaper if necessary. No matter what time it is. He doesn’t complain about it or wake me up to say “you should be doing this”.


Who needs a yaya when you have a very hands on husband?


First “official” night as a family. We read him Goodnight Moon <3


“first” family picture <3


Sent him to the nursery just so I can take a picture like this haha., And to know how it feels like to be at the other side of the room and know you have a baby in there. I remember going to hospitals and stopping by the nursery to look at babies.

We did not send him to the nursery during our hospital stay. I remember after looking at him for a couple of minutes dying because of his cuteness. I told Gerry I wanted to get him right away! So much love for our little one


 I don’t think I will be the kind of Mom who will pressure baby A to be “someone”. I want him to grow up as a good person. That’s all I really want. A good person who knows how to help, love, and share. I want him to be loved even when I am gone. That’s all I want. “I’m a cool Mom” – Mean Girls #chos hahahaa


This is what my forever looks like.

R <3

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  1. Great post, I don’t think we can ever feel ready to be a mum, nothing can prepare us but maternal instinct just kicks in

  2. Beautiful post!! I love that it was just you and A in the room. My husband and I were the only ones with both our girls’, and we absolutely loved it!

  3. Congrats on being a Mama and your beautiful baby boy! Isn’t crazy how much we love these little people from the second we see them and how all of our priorities shift? Thank you for sharing your story!

    1. Totally agree with you!!! I feel like I am just ready to give up anything just to spend time with him lol. Which is totally not me!

  4. Such a wonderful birth story! You have a precious and handsome baby boy. Goodnight moon is one our favorites too!

  5. I love reading birth stories and how each of them are so different! I hope your first mother’s day was great!

  6. So far my favorite post on your page! Becoming parents is an amazing journey! You’re lucky they let you eat and drink anything at all, I was in labor for about 24 hours and was only allowed water and ice and had a much longer span between meals, plus I ended up in C-section to top off all the waiting. As for the dads, they should get more credit. My husband was the one who cared for our son during our stay at the hospital because I couldn’t get out of bed.

    1. Oh my gosh! I don’t know what I would do without food for 24 hours. You are one strong Mama!! 🙂

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