Mommy Diaries: We Are Home

06.29.16: Cider Mill, meet Alexander.

Hello, dolls!!!Happy Birthday my baby A <3 What a year it has been!! I still can’t believe that my baby A is now 1 year old!! I can only look back to the past year with lots and lots of smiles. Baby A brought a lot of happiness to our lives that I can’t think of a day that made me wish things were different. Everything that happened last year lead us to being happier and better.

I could go on and on talking about him all day, and I would still find myself saying “geez, I can’t find the right words to describe how much I love my boy!”.


It feels like it was only yesterday when we brought baby A home from the hospital. I remember feeling scared and unprepared. Scared because I knew that as soon as we walk out of the hospital, our new beautiful reality is going to start. I don’t know why I felt unprepared. I had all of the support that I need, diapers and wipes enough to last for more than a year, and a loving home to welcome baby A. I guess it’s normal for a first time Mom to feel like that.


It took us 15 min. to get home, the sun was shining bright I remember — a beautiful day to remember. The first 5 minutes in the car was calm, we were enjoying the nice breeze of air from outside. As soon as baby A realized he was in a different environment, he started crying. It was the first time we had a baby crying in the car with us so A and I got a little bit scared lol.


Care package from St. Joseph Hospital 🙂  The massager was my favorite!!!


One tip that I learned from reading Mommy blogs — freebies from the hospital! If your nurses like you, they will give you more 🙂

We ended up bringing so many diapers for me and baby A! My husband A couldn’t believe it! Lol. I also read not to bring diapers and wipes when you go to the hospital because they will provide it. So instead of wasting your diapers at home, use the ones that they give you at the hospital!

The pads that they gave me were awesome! It says “bladder control pad” so it is for heavy use. They may sound gross to most of you, but normal delivery is messier after you give birth. I was bleeding for a little over a week and I am so glad I did not use my pads from home. Again, the nurses gave me extra to take home so I had enough until I stopped bleeding.

As a thank you, I arranged small gift bags for at least 10 nurses a couple of days before my due date. I was never hospitalized so I never knew or saw how much work the nurses dedicate to every patient. So as a token, I brought gift bags with us to show our appreciation. I wasn’t able to take a picture, unfortunately!


The best package that I took home from the hospital!!

Dermoplast Pain Reliever – basically you spray this on your woowee after you pee or shower for relief. They gave me 3 bottles so I kept one in my diaper bag.

Underpads – This is not in most Mommy blogs so it’s sort of a revelation for me. They used this on my hospital bed since I was really bleeding a lot for the first 2 days after delivery. I asked my nurse if I could bring home a couple cause I did not want to stain our sheets at home. I loved how I did not have to worry about A complaining about blood stains in the morning! lol

Tucks – A lot of Momma’s who went through normal delivery swears by tucks. It became my best friend for almost 3 weeks! I would put it on top my pads for that cool relief and I would be good for hours (or until I have to pee again which by the was a struggle for me during my first week!).

(Not in photo) Perinial Cold Pads – my nurse also gave me at least 6 cold pads to take home. SCORE! because they are at least $3 each. Perinial cold pads are the ones that have cooling gels so they are bulky. I loved wearing them and I did not care if I had to walk with an extra pound down there. Nothing after childbirth is pretty during the first month. Lol! Anyway, the cold pads kept my woowee cool for hours (or again. until I have to pee again).

(Not in photo) Disposable Underwear – I wore disposable panties until my bleeding got lighter. I highly advise wearing disposable underwear because heavy bleeding gets REALLY messy. I did not want to ruin my good undies!

Okay, so after giving birth, the feeling down there is just sore! the throbbing pain could be pretty bad if you walk for a while or sit for too long (like you can never win here lol). I read that a lot of Mommies were afraid to poop after giving birth, and that’s true! I am one of them. I was even afraid to pee, that I had to hold my nurse’s hand while I pee because I did not know what was going to come out or if I was going to pass out because of the pain. The cold relief that I got from the cold pads, dermoplast spray, and tucks helped me get through the ugly side of being a new Mommy. The pain was bearable… and guess what? I did not take Iburprofen! My Doctor and nurses asked me a million times but I said no each time 🙂


Ready to go home!!!

I wasn’t planning on leaving the hospital so soon. I don’t know what A was thinking but he wanted to go home the day after I gave birth. I guess he was getting too antsy that we were there since 8 AM of the 27th (Monday). I gave birth at 12:37 AM of June 28, so technically I had 36 hours in the hospital after giving birth. We were home in the afternoon on June 29 (Wednesday).  I would sometimes remind A of how he decided to go home before me….and my Doctor! Tell him how he acted like he’s the one who pushed baby A out and has to deal with postpartum, but I guess there was a side of him that he wanted to take care us at home, where he feels comfortable. I was afraid to go home, to be honest! No more nurses to help me pee and put together my “woowee package” — I made A learn how to put it together so he could see how difficult it was! He helped me during our first 2 days at home!

A did a lot for baby A and I during our first month. He would drop everything and go to the drugstore or grocery if I need something (like extra tucks or stool softener!). He would wake up in the middle of the night to put baby A back to sleep and work 12-14 hour shifts after. So I guess, being home, made him feel like he could be a better father and husband.



Glad I was able to finish his nursery DAYS before I gave birth.


Cute balloon from Uncle Peter and Aunt Ali.


My tiny boy! <3


No more hospital bands for us!!!!

Going home outfit 🙂

White and blue. Simple and neat!



“Why is Daddy sleeping?? When I’m awake, he should be too!”


Baby A’s first visitor <3


Love watching this boy sleep <3 Even until now I find myself staring at him while he is asleep.


<3 <3 <3



We can put him anywhere and he would be content 🙂


His first time out

Yuuup, we took him out 4 days after he was born. I heard mixed reactions about it. Truthfully, seeing him now after a year, all I could say is — chill lang guys. 😛 He is a healthy and happy boy! Nothing happened to him. He was safe and the motion of the car plus the moving stroller kept him calm. We had a pleasant afternoon with his Daddy and grandparents.


First family  pic….. sort of.


So…. A dressed him up


..and he put baby A’s pants backwards lol


Lolo and Lola shopped for baby A!!! <3


The first baby item I bought for baby A when I was still pregnant with him. Beautiful knit blanket from Pottery Barn! It says stroller blanket but I honestly love having this on my nursing chair <3


4th of July weekend with his Pappou, Yiayia, Lolo, and Lola!! <3


Octopus babyyyyy! <3 <3 <3


grilled scallops, yes please!! <3


Lamb chops and scallops for baby A’s first weekend with both sets of grandparents <3


Mommy’s fave!! Grilled asparagus <3

Oh you know…. just making faces while sleeping <3


My “on-the-go” baby A and Mommy baskets.

Another tip that I learned, have diapers and wipes accessible in the house. Baby A has a nice changing station, but obviously, he doesn’t stay in his room all day. Newborns pee and poop a lot so it is easier to have diapers and wipes ready at all times.

I also have my postpartum basket ready so I do not forget anything when I go to the bathroom.


Mommy’s Basket

Underpads, perineal cold pads, heavy duty pads, TUCKS!!, disposable underwear, dermoplast, lanolin and breast pads for breastfeeding.


Baby A’s basket

Lots of diapers, wipes, desitin (to avoid diaper rash), facial tissue, and sanitizer

FullSizeRender (3)A

That time he took a nap for 6 hours on his 5th day 🙂



We put his pack and play in our room so we do not have to go out of our bedroom to attend to him in the middle of the night.

Thank you Tita Alyza for baby A’s pack and play <3


Can’t believe he was this skinny!!


On A’s last day during his paternal leave, he made black pudding! YUM


A posted this photo on his Instagram account.

“We went to the hospital as Rianna and Gerry and came home as Mom and Dad. This week has been so surreal for me. I couldn’t be more proud of my amazing wife for bringing our little guy into this world happy and healthy. These two are the reasons I get out of bed and be the best I can be every day #dadlife “


Ordered my chair AFTER I gave birth #FacePalm



do not disturb please:P



My belly the day after I gave birth. I looked like I was 5 months pregnant.


It became smaller after a week.


I started being more active after my Doctor gave me the go signal that I could do light workout — which was 6 weeks after I gave birth.


#MyABoys <3 <3 <3



R <3

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    1. It was one of the best things I learned 2 years ago!! Definitely stocking up for my next one lol

  1. These are such sweet, tender photos of your little bundle of joy. And those care packages are awesome. And there are really no words to describe how much we love our babies. It’s something we feel so immensely that is hard to find the right words to express that love.

  2. Oh my! He is so adorable!!! Nostalgia all over for me as I have 3 boys. We, too, took them out less than week after they were born. We just have to be careful and I’m glad we don’t have those cases when someone who has a medical condition coming in contact with our babes. You know, in fact, our pedia told us that babies actually have strong immune systems, contrary to what people think. It’s only because a baby looks so frail that it seems that everything looks “weaker” to anyone who doesn’t know. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS and enjoy motherhood. It’s bliss!

  3. This post brought back memories from the day we brought my boy home. He’s turning three in August. I was weeping all day on his first birthday and then second and now third is coming. I can’t believe how fast time flies… Such sweet photos. The photo about putting the pants backwards cracked me up. This is something my husband would constantly do too! 😀

    1. Reading your comment made me feel like I wasn’t being careless when I decided to take my newborn out when he was only a few weeks old. I wish people are more open-minded like you. I had a bad experience in NYC (which I will share soon!). Anyway, thank you so much for the very sweet comment! <3 xx

  4. I love your baskets for both you and baby A! A basket like that would have been so helpful after giving birth!

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