Wedding Diaries: The Little Things

Winter 2015

Hello, dolls! Hello, September! I know summer is not over yet but fall is making an early entrance this year. I am actually not sure how I feel about it. I love fall — the perfect weather, the color of the leaves, and all the activities that I have planned for our little family! But, am I ready for the layers of clothing and the super cold weather that comes after? That’s the question.

Two years ago, I spent my September preparing for our big day.  Last year, I embraced being a new Mom.This year, I am spending my weekends going on adventures with my boys. I am on cloud 9!

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One of my best friends Chelsey designed our invitation. It’s everything that I wanted it to be. I remember telling her I love white and gold and sent her a couple of pegs…and voila! Our invitation is done! I believe I am not hard to work with, I am straight to the point and I make sure I am clear with what I like and don’t like — making it easy for my suppliers to deliver.

I loved everything about our invitation!! My Dad took the design to a local invitation shop in the Philippines so I had no idea how it will look like until he sent me the actual invitations. The excitement definitely kicked in as soon as I held them!

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I had a minor accident in January 2015. Long story short, I lost 2 diamonds on the side and cracked the one in the middle. I was so upset about it mainly because I did not have my engagement ring until the week before we left for the Philippines (March 2015).

When A told me that he finally picked up my engagement ring and our wedding bands, I was so happy!! I felt naked being out without my ring!


Got an idea from Pinterest. I sent our wedding invitation to The White House, Walt Disney, and Queen Elizabeth II. In return, we got congratulatory letters from them.


Letter from The White House.


I truly enjoyed going to pre-cana. It’s a prerequisite for couples who are going to get married in a Catholic church. I know some couples feel obliged to go to pre-cana, because on top of being busy with planning the wedding, you spend n hours listening and watching about marriage. I enjoyed going because of our instructors and I felt like it was a different adventure with A. We got married in the Philippines but I decided to do ours here in the US because it was better for our schedule.



I looked forward to the activities that we did every week. I felt like I was in school again but this time I got to learn about A 😉


On our last day of class, we had a mini gathering with the other couples. We were assigned to bring a dessert so I made my favorite chocolate tart recipe the day before. I had to work late and forgot to put the berries, so I had to rush myself and do a 2 minute berry fix. Not the best looking but definitely a goodie! haha




St. Joseph’s <3




Bagel and lox with cream cheese from TBH – favorite quick breakfast when I am running late! lol


Ravioli is life!!!!!! <3


Shopping on a Sunday was a treat for us before just like this ice cream!We hardly had Sundays off together,so being able to spend full weekends as a family is definitely a dream come true for us!! <3

A and my strawberry yogurt with graham crumbs!



Historic Ellicott city


me outside Portalli’s

Date night with the fiance <3


I was so happy when he took me to Portalli’s. not only because we were out on a Sunday night, but because the neighborhood is beautiful!


Our next date spot.





Mussels in Tomato Sauce


Braised Pork Shank with Polenta

This was really tender and we both loved the pork shank and polenta. However, the sauce was a little disappointing. We could tell that they used beef base and it overpowered the natural flavor of the braised pork shank.

Back when I took a million selfies 😛


A’s wedding suit fitting

Talk about last minute, he decided to do this 2 months before we flew to Manila!



Can’t believe our weekend is over already!!!!! #MondayBlues



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