PHL Diaries: Ilocos 2015 – Vigan

April 2015: VIGAN

Hello, dolls! Hello, 2018! WHAT A YEAR IT HAS BEEN!! I am saying it with so much love and joy as I officially welcome another BLESSED year — yup! I am claiming it already <3 I believe we all have our own version of perfect. Mine is the feeling I get in my heart…like that warm feeling that makes my world stop and stays in my mind forever.

I have a lot of perfect moments in my life. When I put on my wedding dress, as Klariz zipped me up on our wedding day, I knew it was the perfect dress for because of the feeling that I got.  That moment they put baby A in my arms 18 months ago, I knew he’s perfect — his tiny fingers moving as I held him close to my heart. Perfect is also when my family and I are complete. We don’t get to have a lot of “perfect” days in a year but when we do, we make sure that we have enough memories to hold onto for the rest of the year.


It’s been almost 6 years since I started my journey here in the US. If I add up all of the times that my family is complete, it would only amount to 1 year, I used to dwell on this — how I miss celebrating birthdays, graduations, and the holidays with them.

With God’s grace, I haven’t felt homesick since my sister came here in the US for her internship.


For my first entry this year, I would like to share the second part of our Ilocos adventure. Read the first part here

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