Baltimore Eats: The Food Market

Spring 2015: Life before baby A

Hello,dolls! Hello, 5th entry this month (yay!). I have important weekends coming up in the next 4 months. They are still a jumble in my head so here I am trying to declutter and get organized. There’s a part of me that is afraid to flip through my planner because that will remind me how fast time is running and get realize that life is indeed too short. I get emotional like that when I start to overthink things. I mean, is it just me? I guess when you live your life away from your family for quite some time, you start to value time even more. Much more when you have a beautiful 20-month-old who makes you wish that time would just stop e v e r y d a y.

Today, I was thinking a lot about my future. What I want to do and accomplish in the next 5 years and how I can make it all happen. You see, I am the kind of person who loves to look forward to “something” whether it’s a weekend getaway, a shopping trip, or investing in something big. There are times when I am okay with time going by fast, especially when I am excited about something.

My goals were very different 5 years ago. I remember telling myself to keep on pushing to work 60-70 hours a week so I can be recognized by my superiors. Now, I want to spend most of my time with baby A. I made changes in my career to have more time outside work without jeopardizing my position. Needless to say, I am just as happy as I was 5 years ago — maybe even more.

Before baby A, my “weekends” would involve binge watching my shows,going out with A for the entire day, and staying up late that we would often fall asleep on the couch. Now, I have to say that my weekends are more fruitful — I am more productive, going out with baby A is always an adventure for me, and discovering restaurants as a family has become one of the things I look forward to when I am off.


A and I went to A LOT of restaurants before baby A. It felt like a reward after being on our feet for n hours every week.


One of my all time favorite restaurants in Baltimore is The Food Market. It was an abrupt decision to go to Hampden that night. I was supposed to go to Hershey Park to see Van Halen with A, Ali, and Peter. Unfortunately, the concert got canceled the last minute!!! I felt bad for A and P but it was for the best……..for me hahahahaha


Fried Short Rib Wontons

Just when I thought wontons can’t get better…here comes The Food Market with a killer appetizer!


Fried Buffalo Green Tomatoes

Summer is the best season for tomatoes, one of our favorites to use in the kitchen and eat of course…green tomatoes!


Crispy Pork Belly

Perfectly fried and amazingly juicy pork belly! YUM


I ordered the trout because it reminded me of my BCC days! Nights when I would grill a gazillion of this for members.



A’s lamb chops look so delish!!! I love dishes that incorporate fruit and meat together <3



Ended the night with 2 delicious desserts!! Aaah so good!! <3


My drink was as





One of the things I love about my job is how it pushes me to be more sociable. 6 years ago, I could hardly say more than 5 words to a person I’ve just met. Now, I could hold a conversation or even start one!

One of the perks that I am able to enjoy is going to food shows! <3


First time to play! lol



Brunch date with A at 7 West <3


Bloody Mary for him of course


Spanakopita for me. One of my favorites!!!


Gyro for A


Lay’s New Potato Chip Contest 


Hightopps with my Sissy and friends <3


Nice afternoon to write our thank you cards, eat crab toast, and read a good book!


Our first time at Pollo Amigo. We’ve been coming back ever since! Much more now with baby A since it’s very close to our church <3


Sunday glow


Diner lunch date <3


Pancakes and scrapple for A. Tuna sandwich for me.


…and a bowl of chili because our diner date will not be complete without it!

Who would’ve thought that we would buy a house close to this diner a year after?



Today feels like summer and I wish I was wearing this comfy outfit all day!!



R <3

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