New Jersey Eats: Red Ribbon in the US

07.2015 : Summer Before A

Hello, dolls! Hello, Sunday!! <3 Spring is fast approaching so here I am dreaming about all the activities that we will do as a family. The weekend that I am looking forward the most to in spring is our anniversary! I am excited because it is going to be our first big trip as a family this year. I am already getting comments from friends asking me why we are bringing baby A to our trip… since it’s our “anniversary”. Truthfully, it’s because I already know we have 2 trips lined up this year without him — I kind of feel like that’s enough for a year to go on a great adventure just the 2 of us (for now at least lol). Also, I do not want to wait until summer to go on a big adventure with my A boys! Besides, we have a bigger one planned after baby A’s birthday <3

Anyway, it’s amazing to see what we did a year before A was born. How we had no clue we are going to be parents sooner than we thought. Weekend trips were pretty easy before, we could be out the door in 10 minutes or less. Now, we are lucky if we could pack the car in 20 minutes and not rush back to the house again after locking all the doors because we forgot something! lol


Long Beach Island, New Jersey

If you want to enjoy the beach with your family, this is the perfect spot. No bars steps away from the sand = no rowdy drunk people!


Quick trip to the beach with my man and sissy <3



“Bare feet and salty hair” 




Whenever I look at my camera roll for the past 20 months, I realize that out of 100 photos, I only have 1 picture with A! Funny how times have changed because we have  baby A now! So one of my goals this year is to take pictures with A more so we have something to look at when we get older 😉

Our original “third wheel” 😛


Main reason why we went to NJ/NY that weekend. After soooo many years, Chella and I saw our Aunt again for her son’s baptism.



I felt a bit of sadness when we were at the party. I knew our Lolo would be so proud and happy to see me and my sister with our Aunt. I could imagine him telling us how proud he is that we both made it to the US as interns, tell us stories about him traveling here, and advice us to be strong everyday and work hard.

I think we miss him the most during family gatherings……



Amy’s Garden is a Filipino owned event’s place in New Jersey! My sister and I were very excited to eat authentic Filipino food again!!


A couple of streets down is “Filipino town”. There were various Filipino groceries and RED RIBBON!


We were so excited that we both wanted to buy EVERYTHING!



Happy kids!

We probably bought more than what we could eat. lol



Lunch at home with my in-laws <3

Japanese for dinner with cousins <3



Missing you everyday!!!!!!



What shopping in Atlantic City looks like for A 😛





Easy Breezy


Maxi Dress: Charlotte Russe

Bag: Michael Kors



R <3

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