Ate Diaries: Summer 2015

Summer 2015

Hello, dolls! Hello, March <3 Two months! Is it just me or is 2018 flying by too fast? I may have said this sometime last month, but I honestly feel like I can’t keep up with time anymore. With so many things lined up for us until the first week of May, I know I am going to be a busy Mama…what who am I kidding? June is going to be busy too with baby A’s birthday and lots of summer adventures with my A boys. So I guess it’s safe to say that the first half of the year is going to be VERY memorable.

Anyway, I sometimes think about my life before baby A. How I was okay working a million hours every week and sacrificing my day off once in a while. I also like to think about how I spent my “me” time. How easy it was to get 8 hours of sleep without getting interrupted and going on with my day hoping I could at least get a full hour to watch my show and write a blog. You see I got a lot of time for myself before, but I have never been this happy and content. I used to make lists just to push myself to be productive. Now, I know I could sleep at night knowing I did something great to make my day meaningful.


2015 was all about being the best sister for my OG partner in crime, Chella.


Here’s the link to the blog I wrote a couple of months ago when our adventure together here in Baltimore started. Read about it here.


My sister was here for an internship, not a vacation. It was challenging for us to go on a lot of adventures because we were both always at work. Whenever we have the night off, I would make sure that I take her out to reward ourselves.

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One of my favorite dinners with her. We went around the Inner Harbor then ended our day at P.F. Chang’s.


Delicious steamed shrimp wontons.


Sweet Vanilla Cream wontons for dessert,



Barnes and Noble


We did not leave the bookstore without this book. lol



We were supposed to go to yoga one night….


…but we ended up going to Green Turtle instead 😛


How to waste $4 on Pringles.

This flavor made me so mad because it was such a waste of money haha


Pocky lover forever.


Watched this little boy for the day!


Went to the State Fair with my sissy!! <3


It was really crowded so we did not get to enjoy the rides. It became a food adventure for us because that’s what we did all night! lol


Reppin’ Ryleigh’s at the game



Took my sister to her first football game! <3


I feel extra girly when I am with my sister.




R <3

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