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Hello, dolls! Hello, “SMonday” (ugh). So Sundays have become the day that I pour my heart out and post about my baby A on Instagram. It must be the sad feeling that I get when I realize I am only hours away from embracing another Monday. I used to love Mondays because that’s when A and I were both off. Now that I have a “normal” working schedule, Mondays have become one of those things that I dislike thinking about.

I noticed that it’s been a while since I last published an entry about baby A here on my blog. I’ve been busy trying to work on my ‘backlogs” as you can see (I am almost done with 2015 yay!). Since I am starting a new entry on a Sunday (my baby A appreciation day lol), I’ve decided to take a break from my “pre-baby A” life and write about my boy instead. Read my 2 entries about baby A (Hello, Alexander! and We Are Home).


When I became a Mom, I started seeing things differently. The little things make the biggest impact in my life. This weekend, I planned activities for baby A. I realized he is getting big and smarter so it’s time for me to insert new child-friendly adventures to our weekend plans. He can understand A LOT of things now and express his emotions really well. So yeah! It was a very fulfilling weekend for our little family.

Growing up, my parents took us to museums, the zoo, bike-riding, or weekend getaways that we really enjoyed. I still remember our most of them until now and I am truly grateful that they did things for us to have a memorable childhood. I want baby A to grow up with great memories and stories to tell. Traditions that he would continue doing and pass on to his future family too!


Baby A at 5 weeks with my brother Renzo holding him.



Today, as we were driving home from the grocery store, baby A was singing and calling my name in between. He would give me the sweetest smile and start singing again! I knew the singing is coming from happiness. For the first time in a long time, I felt fulfilled by seeing someone so happy — and that’s when I told myself that being a Mom is DEFINITELY the best thing that ever happened to me.


My everyday happiness <3


Being a Mom is not easy. It’s rewarding — yes! But a walk in the park? Noooope. Some people tell me I make it look easy. Honestly, without the support that I have, I would probably be sitting in the corner right now hiding from my toddler lol.

When baby A was a newborn, going out was like preparing for war. I would have to bring at least 3 bags with us to make sure I have everything. The picture above shows my “usual gear” — Kate Spade diaper bag, Tommee Tippee bottle warmer, Skip Hop travel accessories like my mini cooler (for milk storage) and stroller bag to hold bottles and other stuff that I might need. On top of the bags above, I have to pack my pumping accessories too!

You see, I am the kind of Mom who packs like we are going to war. The biggest question I have when we leave our house is…”what if?”. What if we end up shopping for more than 4 hours? 4 hours mean 2-3 feedings, possibly 3-4 diaper changes, and most likely 102 outfit changes in case he poops through or throws up after burping.


Pretty much the face I make when I realize how much stuff we have to bring. LOL!


Whenever I see a product that I know is going to be helpful not only to baby A but to me and my husband A too — I get it! I am like a kid in a toy store so excited to play with my new toy! I get excited over products that I see on Facebook especially if it highlights helping parents have a better time with their child/children.

One of the things that caught my attention recently is CollapseAndGo.  Watch the video below and see why I am in awe of the creators Matt and Lauren — who by the way are from Maryland too so I am really really exhilarated about this product!



CollapseAndGo is definitely perfect for all on-the-go parents and everyone else who believe there are ways to make parenting easier.The less time I spend stressing about one thing is more time for me to enjoy with baby A.

CollapseAndGo is launching on Kickstarter in April 16, 2018. Check their website for more details >> CollapseAndGo


….anything to help this boy sleep tight at night <3


R <3

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  1. I definitely understand packing too much in my diaper bag with 2 toddlers. The collapse and go sippy cups look amazing.

  2. I absolutely agree with you. Being a mom isn’t way at all but it is the best feeling and job in the world.

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