Our Greek Wedding

08.30.15: Third Time is “the” Charm

“You are my today and all of my tomorrows”

Whenever I tell people I got married thrice, they give me a funny look. They often think I am exaggerating! I then jokingly say ” yeah…I married the same man 3 times…..unfortunately (followed by a wink)!”. Then they ask me how, where, and why we had 3 weddings.It’s a beautiful long story.  Today, let me share with your our third wedding! <3


I remember being nervous and very happy that day! I looked around and I honestly couldn’t express how happy I am that we were given the chance to say “I do” in front of our family and friends here in the US. Not everyone gets the chance to celebrate with EVERYONE that they love, but we did!


Our Greek wedding was less stressful compared to our wedding in Manila. I love how we were able to celebrate and enjoy every moment of it without worrying about something going wrong.




The look on A’s face when I walked down the aisle was priceless <3




My girls!!! <3




God’s time is the best time! How lucky am I to have my sister for our Greek wedding too?


I called Mara Chua to make my wedding dress…again! Since our wedding in Manila was just 4 months away from our wedding in Baltimore, I know that only Mara could help me wear the perfect dress for our special day <3

I went to a lot of stores and checked online and nothing really made me say “this is THE dress”. I sent Mara a couple of pegs, wired the payment, and in less than a month…I have a dress!!! <3 As always, it was more than what I hoped for!!! I am not the kind of client who will bother you every minute to ask for an update. I get the BEST so I know I could trust them and not worry about anything.

I am so in love with this dress!!! It was the perfect wedding dress for our Greek wedding! <3


Cousins <3


Our reception was all about waves of laughter and great FOOD! You know what the best part about Greek weddings?? GREEK FOOD!!



Mr. Mike and Ms. Carol made our cake and all of the flowers for the wedding. I was blown away!!! The flowers were GORGEOUS and this wedding cake looked so perfect for our White Themed Greek Wedding.


The best gift I received that day was all the love that we received from our family and friends. Being loved by many people is definitely a blessing! <3


My MIL surprised me and the other girls at my bridal party with beautiful Pandora charms <3

She gave the guests beautiful glass coasters as our wedding favor.


We did not have a formal wedding reception because we wanted to enjoy the night with everyone and not follow a schedule the entire time.

The only traditional thing that we did at the reception was the cutting of the cake.


I have so much love for all of the ladies in this picture!!!


My best friends Alyza and Jho came all the way from the South to celebrate our wedding!! You couldn’t imagine how happy I was to be with my best friends again! <3


Jho helped me do my make-up and hair. After that day, I picked up a couple of tips on how to do my eye make up. Perks of having a make up guru as a best friend <3


No pre-wedding shoot? No problem! Selfie to the rescue! 😛




Our uber chill wedding <3


Ms. Carol and Mr. Mike made flower crowns for us. It was the perfect touch to my whole look that day! <3 




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  1. Oh, goodness, I love this so much and the whole concept of a Greek wedding. The pictures are just lovely and I even giggled with your captions. Wishing you so much bliss and all the best!

    1. Thank you so much!!!! People get surprised when I tell them I had more than one. But really, I would have more if I could! lol

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