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08.27.15: Celebrating Birthdays From Miles Away

Hello, dolls! Hello, SPRING!!! <3 So the forecast for this week is keeping my hopes up. We are expecting snow for the next two days and here I am watching the weather news like a hawk! GIVE ME MY SNOW DAY THIS YEAAAAR!

One of the challenges of living away from my family is the reality that I can’t be with them to share every special moment. Growing up, my parents made sure that WE will always be there to support one another. From little contests in school, pageants, or sports activities. It doesn’t matter if our participation is big, what’s important is that when we look at the audience, we will see the rest of the family.

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I still try to celebrate special moments even though I am far away from them. I make sure I do something that will remind me of my family. For instance, when my brother turned 23 three years ago, I decided to go to Georgetown Cupcakes because that’s one of the places that he told me to go when he found out I am going to the US for my internship.


Read about my first Georgetown Cupcake visit here.

Look at ’em perfect babies <3



Top Layer L-R: Mint Cookies and Cream, Coconut, Banana Split

Bottom Layer L-R: Double Milk Chocolate, Red Velvet, Toffee Crunch


Chocolate Milk


We always order the banana cupcakes whenever they have it. After we visited their NYC store, we found out that banana is one of their seasonal cupcakes. I swear this is soooo good I actually love it more than red velvet!!! Which says a lot because red velvet is my all-time favorite.


A’s go to flavor, coconut!





Celebrating our brother Remo’s birthday from miles away!


What cupcake heaven looks like.



Love me some red velvet cupcake!! <3


Our celebration is not going to be complete without Asian food <3 We discovered a new restuarant that we all love now!! Nothing like authentic Chinese food!



House Thick Noodle soup with Pork, Mushroom, and Cabbage


This reminded me of a famous noodle soup dish in the Philippines — lomi. The broth was so flavorful and the hand-pulled noodles were PERFECT!

Fried Pork Chop Rice, Spicy Cheng-Du Chicken, Vegetable Dumplings, Shrimp Dumplings


We tried all of the Xiao Long Baos (soup dumplings). — chicken, pork, and crab & pork.

A loved the crab & pork, I thought it was okay. I am not a big fan of it! I prefer my good ‘ol pork XLB 😉



Definitely one of the BEST Chinese restaurants here in Maryland. I don’t mind driving an hour for the hand-pulled noodles! <3


Anyone else here going through SepAnx? Being away from family is not easy, that’s why I decided to start blogging. So I can easily share with them how I am doing here AND to relieve myself from loneliness. Anyone else going through this?

P.S. So I did get my snow day!!! Yay!!!! <3


R <3

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