4 Fun Things To Do in Baltimore

08.31.15: Orioles Vs Rays

Hello, dolls! Hello, Opening Day!!! Today’s blog is pretty timely because I will be sharing my first experience at Camden Yards. Earlier this month, I shared on this blog Our Greek Wedding. My girlfriends Alyza and Joana traveled all the way from the South to witness us say “I do” (for the third time lol). I couldn’t be any happier! To be with the girls that know me so well in Baltimore that weekend definitely made my 2015 one of the best.

I was so busy with work and the wedding, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to plan anything for the only day for me to take my girls around Baltimore. Thank God my best friends are not high maintenance! They were up to do anything.


Our coordinating outfits were coincidental. #GMTA


1. Visit the Inner Harbor

A and I decided to take them to the Inner Harbor.  Any Baltimore trip is not complete without seeing this beautiful view.

The Inner Harbor has attractions for everyone, from families, couples, or individuals who are up for a new adventure. The National Aquarium is a must-see especially because it has been known to be the best in the country. There are cool ships docked by the water, the mall if you want to go shopping, and restaurants surrounding the water so no one will get hungry for sure! Everything is walking distance so you can just park your car in one of the garages (which is not as expensive as New York, DC, or Philadelphia! ;P )


2. Federal Hill Park

Went up the Federal Hill Park to admire this beautiful view <3




Going up the hill is a workout! Especially since we walked from the mall. It was worth it though because this view is breathtaking.



It was a beautiful day for adventures! It was breezy enough to feel fresh the entire afternoon.



2015 will always be our year <3


Smoothie break!! <3 We did a lot of walking that day. From the mall to Fed Hill, Fed Hill to Little Italy, then Little Italy to Camden Yards! Phew! LOL


3. Little Italy

For those of you who love Italian food, Baltimore’s Little Italy is something that a lot of locals highly recommend. Most restaurants have been there since the beginning. Every summer, the community organizes an outdoor film festival — check the schedule here.



Our all-time favorite is Chiapparelli’s. A took me here when we just started dating so this place will always be special to me <3 Especially Chip’s Salad that I AM WILLING TO DIE FOR! lol


Gnocchi Bolognese

Heaven on earth!!




4. Watch A Baseball Game
We still had a lot of time after our early dinner so we decided to watch the Baltimore Orioles play against the Tampa Bay Rays.


Going to a baseball game when visiting Baltimore is a great experience for sports lovers and just anyone who is up for a unique experience.






Sharing with you some of my favorite wedding presents! Basically, the only presents I was able to document! lol


What’s better than a Tiffany blue box? A BIG Tiffany blue box! lol



Our friends know us so well!!!! Oils, vinegar, and tea to add to our kitchen collection! <3



R <3


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  1. Looks like a great time! I’ve always wanted to go to the Inner Harbor and now, I have an itinerary that I can use when I finally go!

    1. It is!!! I’ve never been there to see a movie but it’s definitely a must before I turn 30 perhaps 😉

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