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Hello, dolls!! Hello, weekend!! <3 This week went by too fast! I can’t believe that our Florida trip was already a week ago. A lot of things happened since we left Fort Lauderdale. Beginning from the tormenting 8 hours that we had to endure because our flight was delayed due to a big mechanical issue with our plane. Instead of being mad, I learned to be more patient and understanding, I realized that it’s a blessing in disguise — I got to hold baby A longer that night and feed him the morning after (which we don’t get to do on weekdays).

The rest of the week was a roller coaster ride. From keeping up with work to big health issues. Baby A and I are nursing a cold right now and it’s definitely not easy! Saturday is our busiest day this week and the fact that I am not well is making it harder for me to do everything! I have to be at work in the morning, attend to our community yard sale as soon as I get home, then go to a wedding at night! This is the kind of day that I wish I have an extra hour to spare or split myself into 3.


I wrote about A’s 28th birthday celebration with our family a couple of weeks ago. The weather in October is beautiful so we are always inspired to celebrate his birthday all month long.

2015-10-25 18.56.34A

We went to a little neighborhood in DC. Since it was a little early for dinner, we decided to walk around and have a drink. Town Hall caught our attention because of the patio and the hip vibe it imposed.


We were supposed to go to Momofuku for dinner but as we were driving to DC, I told A we should try something different. He told me about Old Europe Restaurant and how he’s been wanting to go there since he found out about it.



Just our luck! Since A’s birthday is in October, we got to participate in Old Europe’s Oktoberfest too.

2015-10-25 19.12.17A

Sunday funday at Old Europe.


German Pork Liver Pate

The best appetzier to order. This was perfect! A and I can’t stop raving about it.


German Sausage Sampler

Our experience is not going to be complete without a plate of German sausage.


Housemade Mustard


Pork Shank

A devoured this! He loved it so much and said it’s the best birthday meal.


Jaeger Schnitzel 

I went for a classic! I love spaetzle so everything that caught my attention was dishes served with spaetzle. The mushroom gravy is the cherry on top. I love how this plate has everything that I love.


Apple Strudel

The best way to end a wonderful dinner at one of the best German restaurants in the East Coast!

2015-10-25 20.21.16A


A loved the ships and cool stuff hanging from the ceiling and walls.


I am so excited to attend the wedding tonight! Going to “grown-up” parties with A is one of the things that make our marriage extra exciting. We get to be out, socialize, and of course, dress up!


Today reminded me of the last holiday party I attended at BCC (where A and I met).


All dolled up <3


Forever date <3



Remember my outfit when we went to Cunningham’s?

A beautiful outfit deserves a take 2! <3



R <3

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  1. I love your date night outfit! The all black with the colored heels looks stunning on you!

  2. The act of dressing up and dining out is such a grown up thing to do. I always enjoy a night out with my hubby!

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