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November 2015

Hello, dolls!! Hello, May!! <3 Did we just skip right to summer?? This week has been REALLY hot and I feel like I was at my laziest. My horrible cold and hot weather made me wish I could stay in bed all day…but nope! I had to be on my feet for 10 hours every day. Adulting has a lot of meanings now, one of them is knowing when to suck it up. This past work week was the perfect example for that! I don’t know how I survived..but I did.

I am really excited to share this entry with all of you. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been posting a lot of “backlogs” since I went on a hiatus years ago. I am still trying to recover from that and I’ve been trying my best to keep up, So yeah, finally I will be writing entries that will reflect perfectly on how my life is now — as a Mommy! <3


We announced our pregnancy on our Christmas card. I usually send them out really close to Christmas day every year for one main reason — Christmas is always crazy for people in the food industry so it’s challenging for me to accomplish things.

Imagine all the calls that we got that day!! It really warmed my heart to hear from family and friends on Christmas day, it definitely made us happier! Especially from friends that I least expect would call <3


3 positive sticks make it a YES <3


I had my first Doctor’s appointment in November, a couple of weeks before my birthday. Finding out that A and I are expecting is the perfect early birthday present for me! <3

We announced our pregnancy to our families on Thanksgiving! It must be the hormones because I remember crying!! Most people know I don’t like crying around people so it was a pretty shocking moment for me LOL! It was hard to keep it from them especially from my sister who lived here with me! I told my co-workers as soon as I found out because of the stressful environment I was in. As a Chef, I was always tensed and pressured so I knew emotionally it wasn’t ideal for a healthy pregnancy. I had to tell the team that I want the next 9 months to be less stressful as much as possible.

I can’t wait to unfold my journey as a Mommy-To-Be on this blog. It was a wonderful one for sure <3



To celebrate another milestone in our marriage, we went to Momofuku CCDC <3 

We got there before they opened the door for dinner. As expected, there was a line almost around the building.


We got the best seats. We enjoyed watching the kitchen make magic happen 😉

2015-11-01 17.21.43A

Momofuku Pickles


A loves pickles. I started liking because well duhhh, I was pregnant!


I love how fresh and not mushy the vegetables were. The cauliflower is my favorite!


Shiitake Buns

I love mushrooms!! Aaah this was sooo good I could literally eat 6 buns and call it a day. lol

2015-11-01 18.09.54A


Beef Noodle Soup


I ordered the beef noodle soup because it’s my all-time favorite!! Every time I think of beef noodle soup, I am reminded of the hole in the wall Chinese restaurants I’ve been to growing up.



Momofuku Ramen

You can’t go to Momofuku and not have their classic. This never disappoints.

2015-11-01 18.16.12-1A

The ssam sauce goes perfectly with any Momofuku dish.

2015-11-01 18.17.34A

2015-11-01 18.38.14A

….and of course!! The perfect treat for the Momma-to-be — cereal milk soft-serve <3 #YasQueen


I love that milk bar is in DC now!!! We do not have to drive 4 hours just to get my ceral milk fix.


Perfect little thing


Compost cookie for the ride home.

2015-11-01 17.23.48A.jpg

2015-10-25 16.24.02A.jpg


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    1. Lol yes!! I got the 3 pack and figured I won’t be needing the other 2 anytime soon if the first one is a postive so I just used them all 😛

  1. I love the idea of announcing on a Christmas card. A friend did that this year and it was so exciting opening her card! And that food… it looks beyond delicious!

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