My 25th Birthday


Hello, dolls! Hello, hump day! <3 This week feels so loooooong. I had quite a day at work yesterday — like the kind of day that made me want to take a step back and just keep on going until I see the light again. After my exhausting Tuesday, I knew that I am just so done with this work week. So yeah, needless to say, weekend can’t come sooner! Anyone else had a work day like mine?

Looking back to my 25th birthday, I remember my head being clouded with sooo many thoughts. Is quarter-life crisis going to hit me? Am I going to be a good Mom? When will I be with my family again?


If I am to talk to my 25-year-old self, I would tell her that she is going to be more than okay and 25 is not bad at all! Now that I am 27, I would like to tell the old Rianna…

  1. You are not going to hate garlic forever! — Okay… I just had to put it out there. When I was pregnant with baby A, we went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. I don’t know what got into me but I almost threw up when I tasted the strong garlic flavor of my dish. Ever since, the smell or taste of garlic would make me gag. Mind you that I work in the kitchen so I am always surrounded by garlic! How I survived? That I still don’t know! LOL I believe this was the hardest part when I turned 25.
  2. You are going to be with your family — I live 8,533 miles away from my family. Going through my pregnancy without my Mom and the thought of my parents possibly not being by my side when I give birth gave me so much anxiety. I was overjoyed when they got their visas because I knew that we do not have to wait a year to be together! Fast forward to present time, I am surrounded by family (at least one of them) year round! <3
  3. You will get your weekends back…and A too! — I was soooo worried about my work schedule. A and I are trying to build a home that is similar to what we grew up in. Dinners with the family, and family adventures on the weekends. As a Chef, I know it is challenging to raise baby A the way that we want if we don’t make any changes to our schedule. All praises to God, he blessed us with new opportunities that enabled us to be home on a normal schedule.
  4. You are going to be the best Mom for baby A — Will he know I am his Mom? Is he going to like me? What if he cries when I touch him? As a first time Mom, I had so many things that I was worried about. I felt unprepared throughout my pregnancy because I devoted most of my time to work and getting our house together. It was a very eventful year for me — from getting pregnant to buying a house, we were at our busiest! I started feeling guilty 2 months before my due date when I realize, I haven’t really done much for baby A but go to yoga class and buy him clothes. I questioned myself if I am even fit to be a Mom because I feel like I am not affectionate at all! Looking at baby A now, I can’t believe those things crossed my mind. He is happy and healthy. That’s more than enough for me to say… I am the best Mom for him.
  5. Your life is going to change — for the best! My life is different now and I think as I share more on this blog, you will notice that my lifestyle has changed. I couldn’t be any happier and content now! The problems that I faced 2 years ago felt like they did not exist at all. I believe that we always have 2 options when dealing with a problem — it’s either we see it as a crisis or we treat it as an opportunity to make us better.


So now, let me share with you how I celebrated my 25th birthday.


My sister surprised me right at 12MN! She went to my apartment with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and wonderful presents that I did not expect <3




The next morning, I Facetimed with my family. Even though we are continents away from each other, my parents still throw a party for me. My Mom cooks delicious food and they get me the cutest cake. I “virtually” blow the candle and it’s the best part of my day.

I was wearing my shades because I knew they would take pictures and I just woke up! lol


I became a little picky during my pregnancy. the only thing I wanted on my birthday? Bon Chon!

I ate A LOT of Bon Chon wings on my birthday and it waaaaas so satisfying <3


Crispy Dumplings with Soy Garlic Sauce


Jap Chae — for long life!


Heard mass with A and my sister <3


We went to Tyson’s Corner after to do some birthday shopping!!! <3 I always have energy for shopping. HA!



I did not have the appetite to eat dinner on my birthday. A insisted that we should go out because it’s my “f-in” birthday…so we did!


Hibachi for dinner because it’s simple..aka “gag” proof for me. lol



Happy 25th to me!!! <3


Luckiest girl every November 29! <3


Theme of my birthday presents — Kate Spade!



Will always be one of my favorite scarves!! <3



My MIL gave me a lot of awesome goodies!!! Housewife in the making here we gooooo! lol



My birthday is not complete without macarons <3


3 charms from my 3 siblings!! <3 Lucky me!!!







My SIL gave me a gorgeous Michael Kors bangle that I wear everytime I go out <3


A’s main present <3


You know you are married to a chef when he gives you a Vitamix Pro for your birthday.


More presents from my sissy!!! Kate Spade bangle that I also wear whenever I go out and lovely dresses <3



Birthday gift for myself part 1


Birthday gift for myself part 2

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Uhmm…yasss queen!! <3

Birthday gift for myself part 3! <3





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