One of the attributes that I behold as an adventure-seeker is my passion to try something new…every day! I aspire to work with brands, companies, or other bloggers that can introduce me to new things that I can also share with my wonderful readers. My site is PR friendly — message me for any collaborations, promotions, product reviews, or any opportunity for us to work together.

Let’s talk and make great things happen <3 E-mail me at galvezstavrides@gmail.com <3

4 thoughts on “LET’S WORK TOGETHER

  1. Hi Ms Rianna! My name is Rica. I’ve paid your blog a visit and I loved everything about it. Do you recommend me upgrading my wordpress blog into premium? I’m also thinking of ways to monetize it.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Rica!! I would say yes, especially since you want to monetize your page. Also, if you plan to add a good number of pictures per post, you do not have to worry about your media library hitting the limit.

      1. I am terribly sorry for only getting back to you now, Rica. Anyway, if you really want to pursue blogging and you know you will be uploading a lot of media files, I would say yes..go for it! I wouldn’t do it during your first year though 😛 If you are just after the revenue from ads, it’s not going to be a lot yet — work on your traffic first to get a consistent number of views and visitors every month then upgrade so you won’t waste a couple of months spending money on premium 🙂

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