New York With My Best Friend

Hello, dolls!! Hello, crazy June!! <3 It feels amazing to be able to finally relax this week. I know this “mellow” week is not going to last for long cause baby A’s birthday is coming up. On top of that, I’ve been busy planning our big vacation this year!!! Aahhh finally!!! A and I have been looking forward to getting more than 3 days off since like…last year!! Whenever I think about how our trip to the Philippines in January 2017 was the last time we went on a vacation more than 3 days, it makes me more inspired to plan an amazing trip that we will not forget. “We deserve it” is pretty much what we’ve been saying everytime we talk about our upcoming trip. Needless to say, our excitement has skyrocketed ever since we finalized the location of our trip — and let me tell you, it’s the perfect country for us this year!


I’ve been looking at OOTD pegs for our trip in autumn and it reminded me of the lovely weekend I spent with my best friend, Maricor. She lives in California so it was definitely a weekend that I will never forget because she flew all the way to Baltimore to spend time with me!! <3


A picked her up at the airport at 6AM. He let me sleep since he knew I needed it! Baby A was doing sommersaults in my belly the night before lol.

First order of business, breakfast at the local diner in our neighborhood! Unfortunately Bel Loc closed last year.


We wanted to make the most of our long weekend together. We talked about everything…from HS memories to our life here in the US. She mentioned how she miss cooking Filipino food, so our first project on her trip — cook kare-kare. 

It wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. I may be a Chef but truthfully, I feel like Filipino food is my weakness. Oddly enough because I am Filipino!

We invited Mr. and Mrs. Flores, our teachers that we had in elementary school, who moved to Baltimore almost a decade ago now. It was great to reminisce about the great moments we had in school!



We drove to New York early Sunday morning. Our first stop was Katz’s. There was a line almost around the block when we got there. Thank God it was cool enough so being outside for at least 30 minutes did not bother us.



A loves cream soda!


Sandwiches are more or less $20. I mean look at those gigantic sammies! They are definitely good for sharing.


I am a pastrami girl.This was overloaded with deliciousness. The meat was very tender and my favorite part is the flavorful and salty edges. YUM! This was definitely smoked to perfection.


Corned Beef and Tongue Combo Sandwich

Another killer sandwich!!! So full of great flavors and layers of “interesting” meat.




After our heavy lunch at Katz, we decided to walk around the city. We got tired, of course! We passed by a milk tea shop and decided to stay there to rest for a little while.



Matcha lover forever <3


Felt like a kid again with the cotton candy on top of my drink





I was so happy that they sell macarons too!!! Vivi is definitely a hidden gem in New York 🙂



Maricor wanted to see the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately, it was a little late for us to go there so we decided to go to Battery Park instead so she can at least see it from afar.



The Battery is close to the Bowling Green, National Museum of the American Indian, and the District Bankruptcy Court.  There are lots of places to see at the southern tip of Manhattan Island!




Fall in New York with my love <3




My number 1 <3



Perfect spot to take OOTDs <3




Our last destination is Times Square. I always tell everyone that I am with that for me, it’s better to go to Times Square at night because that’s when you can appreicate all the lights 🙂


A trip to New York is not complete without getting Halal Food!!



We stayed the night in New Jersey. It’s the perfect side trip for us cause Maricor was able to see A’s family again.


What better way to end our weekend away from Baltimore. Went to our favorite Asian restuarant in New Jersey before heading home.


We only went to 1 store during our trip. We always try to go to Topshop/Topman whenever we are in New York.



Perfect “everyday” lippies.


24 weeks pregnant <3


My coat hid my bump! lol Unintentional of course. Why do I feel like my clothes fit me better when I had a bump than now?? For real! This dress feels tighter now 😛



I fell in love with this Topshop coat that I couldn’t resist wearing it right away!


My love <3



34 thoughts on “New York With My Best Friend

  1. Awww love this! My husband is from New York so we visited quite often when his parents lived there! Such a great place to visit! Also you’re so photogenic!! Great photos!!

    1. Aww <3 Thank you so much, Momma!!! <3 I I bookmarked your New York entry almost a month ago! <3

  2. I love NYC! The food and atmosphere is my favorite. And your food pictures (especially those sandwiches) look phenomenal.

  3. I love New York, living here for 10 years now. THere are so many things to do and places to explore. Looks like you had fun too.

  4. What a wonderful trip! So many special memories with your love and best friend, not to mention some delicious looking food!

  5. This looks like an awesome trip. I the good looks delicious. I can’t wait for the day that I can visit for NYC. awesome pictures btw!!

  6. It looks like you had a GREAT time in New York! I’ve gone a couple of times for business (my previous employer). I agree you should definitely go to Times Square at night – during the day it just looks crazy busy and less remarkable.

    1. Thank goodness it’s not just me who thinks that way! lol I felt weird all this time haha

  7. That drink with the cotton candy on top looked amazing! It has been almost 20 years! I definitely need to go back. Thanks for sharing your awesome trip!!

  8. What a great trip! How fun to go to New York with your best friend! I would love to do this!

  9. I am so near Paris that I had enough of it now, but I still want to visit time to time. I would like to see New York too! What an adventure you have! I love the Matcha with the cotton candy. I am also a lover of beautiful cities of the world, proudly made in the Philippines too! Do you speak tagalog?

    1. Wow!! Must be nice to live close to Paris because of all the food. I do speak Tagalog <3 :)

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