Spring in Washington DC

Hello, dolls!! Hello, WEEKEND! Aaah yes…finally!! <3 This week is extra special because my baby  A turned 2. I’ve been in this exact spot on my blog for almost a week now. I can’t seem to find the right words to describe how breathtaking the past two years have been. Two years of learning about Motherhood and appreciating life even more. Needless to say, I spent the past week wishing I am able to freeze time… I mean really, where does time go?? So as I sit here trying not to choke up as I stare at my boy, let me share with you one of the best moments during my pregnancy.

One of the challenges I faced when I was pregnant with baby A was the “art of relaxing”. It was difficult to not think about work even during my days off because well…that’s pretty much where my life revolved here in Baltimore — my husband and the kitchen. So welcoming baby A into our lives 2 years ago was a great reminder of things that I was starting to miss out on.


This is one of my favorite moments during my pregnancy because finally….after weeks of trying to find time to go on an adventure we were finally able to spend quality time without doing projects for our new home.


Beautiful flowers in our yard greeted me as A and I walked out of our house to go on a “date” <3


First order of business, dim sum! I got really addicted to it when I was pregnant. We were there every week. A did not complain because he loves Asian food.


We are so lucky because this dim sum place is only 15 min away from our house.


A wanted his knives sharpened so we went to DC to get it done. One of the stores in Union Market does a great job and if you’re lucky…you can even meet some of the Top DC Chefs there waiting for their knives to be done 😉 (cause we did!)



Keeping the “belly” happy! Milkshake for me and rootbeer float for A.




Everything in DC is extra pretty during spring. The beautiful trees that surround the city and the smell of flowers made me love DC and spring even more.




Right before I started running because I thought I was being chased by a squirrel. LOL (insert facepalm emoji here like 5x)


Found a perfect spot to take pictures with the Capitol as my background <3 #BloggerWins


The perfect way to end our date. Still one of our favorite restaurants in the East Coast — Pasta Plus!


Juicy and plump tomatoes with delicious fresh mozarella and basil. YUM!


Pasta Plus is about an hour away from us but we do not mind driving all the way there for some great Italian food! <3 Read about my first experience there with A here.


Our DC trip will not be complete without going to my favorite Chinese bakery <3


My sister’s Valentine’s present gift for A and I <3


“I’ve got baby on my mind, baby on my mind”. Thinking about baby A a lot translated to my outfit that day. I woke up that day knowing that I will wear baby pink and baby blue.


I did not want to wear too girly so I decided to wear my black booties.


My favorite bag for spring! <3




Happy Mama <3



R <3

24 thoughts on “Spring in Washington DC

  1. You are such a beautiful momma to be here! I completely relate to the whole relaxing thing – it’s hard! Even yesterday, going to a movie with a girlfriend…and taking some me time, I came home and was frustrated because there were things I wanted to get done that didn’t…because I was taking some time for me. Ugh! It’s a hard cycle…glad you were able to enjoy what looked like a truly fantastic, beautiful day! Where does the time go, indeed!

  2. CUTEST outfit ever!!! Love the bag as well (my mom and I both have it in different colors! hahah is it a filipina thing??) Where is this dimsum place?? Looks so good! =) Great post mama!! DC is pretty awesome =)

    1. LOL!!! Definitely a Filipina thing!! It’s the basic “Filipino in the US starter pack” LOL! This one is in Rosedale close to my house!!! If ever you are in Baltimore County or planning to go let me know! Will send you a list <3

  3. My question is can you still eat Dim-sum? I had a pregnancy craving like that and 9 years later I still can’t look at the food. The clothes are gorgeous and I love the colour combination.

    1. Hahahaha yes!! I think dim sum will always be part of my life 😛 Thank you!!!! 🙂 xx

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