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Hello, dolls!! Hellllo, Thursday!! <3 Aaaah finally!! Just one more day and I will be embracing my long weekend. I am starting to think that the perfect definition for my 2018 is bittersweet. I am going through things that people pray they won’t experience, it’s been pretty heavy lately. Despite all the challenges we are facing now, there are still things that keep me positive. Like, #MyABoys who I look forward to hugging each day, my family who is facing life stronger than ever, and friends that never fail to check up on me on the regular. It will never be easy for me to see someone so close to my heart go through something so painful.

On a lighter and happier note, I am happy to do a little more for my blog. I recently collaborated with a newly opened restaurant.   I also started working on a new blog post after this one, and I am getting close to hitting my personal monthly goals for this blog. Yay to productive weeks! Moving on, let me share with you:


Whenever we go on a trip, A looks forward to eating noodles. It doesn’t matter what kind it is — Italian pasta, Chinese Lo Mein, or Japanese Ramen! When A and I were completing our restaurant list for our trip, he told me that he really wanted to go to Slurping Turtle. 

Being a fan of Top Chef, I happily told him of course! Chef  Takashi Yagihashi, a Michelin Star AND James Beard Best Chef awardee is the man behind this notable ramen restaurant in Chicago.


The entrance to the restaurant is really cool. Very Instagrammable! I wish I took more pictures here but A was too hungry to stop for photo ops lol 😛


The menu was very straight to the point. Nothing too crazy so it made us feel that we will LEGIT love it.



Miso Soup

This bowl of delicious soup came with my rice bowl. I LOVE Japanese Miso. This soup is nothing like the miso soups they serve at low-key Japanese restaurants or carry-outs here in the US. The layers of flavors in this simple bowl of soup were phenomenal.


I was torn between ramen or rice bowl. Before I got pregnant, I did not eat rice for at least 5 years. I had an inkling that I might be when I started craving for rice AND bacon. I ate rice pretty much every day when I was pregnant and breastfeeding! Definitely a Mommy Treat for me.


Beef Short Rib with Japanese Fried Rice

The beef short rib was SO GOOD! All I can remember was how tender the short ribs were. Definitely, a must order if you do not feel like having soup 🙂


Classic Tokyo Shoyu

pork belly, molten egg, bamboo shoots, bok choy, scallions, nori, garlic shallot oil (source: Slurping Turtle )


I was very tempted to finish A’s perfect bowl of ramen. The noodles were divine and the broth was just out of this world! This is highly recommended.


Iced Green Tea

I couldn’t resist this very refreshing drink. I had it unsweetened so I was able to appreciate the bold flavor of green tea.


The best part about our lunch — Green Tea Cream Puff.


Before I sliced this in half, I though it wouldn’t have enough filling. I was so delighted when I saw that it had more than what I expected. The green tea filling was soooo good I wanted to order a huge tub of it and bring back to Baltimore with me.


Lychee Sorbet

A ordered the lychee sorbet. When the server told us that their sorbet du jour that day was lychee, A’s face lit up! Lychee is such a refreshing flavor so we knew it would be perfect after eating a very savory bowl of deliciousness.



One more look at these heavenly desserts! <3


Those cute “pods” look so cool!! I want to be seated there next time 🙂


The bar is well stocked but mn…I almost had a heart attack. Lol


I kept on looking if it will collapse because it looks like it is ready to be relieved ASAP.


I love how Chicago has communal tables in most restaurants, pretty much all the restaurants that we went to had one or two. We definitely don’t see this much in Baltimore.


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7 thoughts on “Best Ramen In Chicago

  1. I’ve always wanted to eat real ramen, but I have a strong feeling I would hate it, since my hatred towards mushrooms runs deep in my veins, and most popular ramen is made on/with mushrooms. This green tea puff looks delicious tho. :)))

    Have a lovely day!
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    1. Oh my gosh!!! I think my heart just dropped a little because I love mushrooms soooo much!! hopefully one day you’ll try it because it is soooo worth it and delish! 🙂

      Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Wow! This post is making me salivate. Such a cute name for a ramen place, and I love that the noodles are made fresh in-house, and the wooden interior decor! Will definitely have to check this out next time I’m in Chicago!

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