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Hello, dolls!! Hello, weekend!! <3 I am going to take a little break from Chicago posts and share with you something that filled my heart and tummy with so much joy this past Friday. I mostly share my food adventures here on my blog. Though I really intend for this to be a lifestyle blog it’s really hard to separate myself from food because it’s the core of my being. So if you can notice, whenever I post an entry, there’s always food involved. I’ve been going through my previous posts (like from 7 years ago) and it makes me laugh how brutally honest I was. I was a single girl who will not take anything less than what I paid for. Then A came along, we went to the best restaurants so my food posts became more positive. — still honest, but much lighter since I was writing about better restaurants 😛 Just like Urban Plates

A and I are always on the hunt for restaurants that we can take our family to when visiting us. The downside of taking my entire family to a restaurant is having to deal with 7 people trying to figure out what they want. I get stressed out whenever it’s time for us to order because I feel like half of us are always struggling to decide what to eat. When I learned about the concept of  Urban Plates  I knew it was going to be perfect not only for my tiny tribe but also to the rest of our family when we are complete in December.


I am so excited to share an experience that only happened 2 days ago! I am still trying to keep up with my adventures from 2 years ago so taking a break and sharing something current is like a dream to me! lol


Urban Plates is from San Diego, Ca. They have various locations all over California and now in DC/MD. The concept is simple — fine fast-casual, fresh, and scratch made meals. As someone from Baltimore who has never seen something so refined like this for a fast-casual restaurant, the best way for me to put it is, it’s an upscale version of Poulet in Greenspring.


Urban Plates basically has 3 stations — salads, sandwiches, and plates/bowls. You get in line, you pick your station, then the server will make your food in front of you. You will literally see everything because the kitchen is behind the buffet line which is pretty awesome because we got to watch everyone communicate successfully to make sure no customer is going to wait for their food for too long.


I had a hard time deciding which station to get food from. All the salads looked amazing! Especially the mixed beet salad but since I skipped lunch that day, I decided to get something heavier.


I was so happy to see that they have great options on their kid’s menu. A and I don’t normally order from the kid’s menu for baby A because we want him to have a better understanding of food, that it is beyond french fries and fried tenders.

Funny enough my 2-year-old  will shun a big plate of fried tenders and fries (proven last week at his cousin’s 16th birthday party) because he thinks it’s not real food.


The meat choices are AMAZING! I did not want to hold up the line but I literally wanted a slice of EVERYTHING.


My choice that night. I love that the steak is cooked medium rare!


I love how they use enameled cast irons, they remind me of our red Le Creuset set at home.



What I really admire about Urban Plates  is how they create specials according to the location. I expected to see a lot of California inspired dishes since that is where the brand is from. A noticed this one and said we should try it, we found out that they specially made the Corn, Crab, and Poblano Soup for the MD location.


How can you say no to these desserts? The dessert and drink stations are before the register. They have craft beer, wine, and kombucha on tap! How awesome is that??



This caught my attention, THIS IS MY DESSERT!

I am saving this picture on A’s phone. Instead of flowers, I want this for Valentine’s instead 😛


The perfect cake for A! Two flavors that he loves!!


Obviously, I went gaga over the desserts, I almost forgot I wasn’t in a French pastry shop!


I am definitely trying this next time we go <3


Great food makes a great flat lay photo.


Corn, Crab, and Poblano Soup


For people who love “heat” this is the perfect soup for you! The roasted poblanos emphasized the sweetness of the corn and crab. I love how I can taste all of the flavors in every bite.


I ordered baby A a plate of turkey meatloaf with mac and cheese. I really wanted this for myself but since I was ordering for baby A, I decided to get it for him instead cause I know I will end up finishing the rest of his meatloaf after seeing how generous one slice is! Baby A has not been liking mac and cheese lately (which is weird because he loves pasta with lots of parmesan cheese on top!). So I really thought he wouldn’t finish his plate and he will end up eating A’s dish instead.

Their mac and cheese was really good that baby A finished it! I literally just had one piece of cavatelli (tried it when he wasn’t looking otherwise he will give me “the eye”)


Grilled Steak with Gold Beets and Sesame Roasted Broccollini.

Each plate comes with 1 meat and 2 sides. I have to say that I picked the BESTS! Well almost, if I did not forget to get the brussel sprouts, I think my meal would be “out of this world” 😛 


I love chimichurri!! So when the server asked me if I want chimichurri on top of my carved-to-order steak, I said YES with the biggest smile!

I loved the beets so much!! Which honestly says a lot because I am the last person to order beets but after having this one, I am obsessed! A and I went to the grocery today and we are pretty much recreating this plate for dinner this week!


Salmon Caesar Salad


I love how you can taste the freshness of the Caesar dressing, it is definitely not out of a bottle which makes this salad a must order!


Braised Morrocan Chicken


I was surprised that A got a rice bowl! I was expecting him to get a sandwich but thank goodness he realized he eats sandwiches every day for lunch because this braised Morrocan chicken is a winner! The flavors were on point. A loved that they used chicken thighs because the chicken was extra juicy.


Had to beg everyone not to eat yet so I can take pictures! Everything looked so good they can’t wait any longer lol


Baby A’s mac and cheese approved face!



Enjoying our Urban Refreshers


Just when I thought things can’t get better, we were served with these refreshing drinks that took my fruit juice addiction to another level. I love how they came up with delicious mixed fruit drinks! The cantaloupe and mango refresher has got to be my favorite.


Can I get a gallon of this, please?


Now onto the heavenly stuff!


Pinch me!! Cause I still can’t believe that I am having a mango dessert that is similar to the ones we have back home. If you have been to the Philippines, you would know that we take pride in anything mango. Our mangoes are ridiculously sweet that I hardly order anything mango here in the US because I always get disappointed.


This was not the case with this one…


Urban Plate’s Mango Tart is officially my favorite mango dessert here in the US now.


The banana cream pie was just as amazing as the mango tart. The pretty much ate all of the crust because it was soooo good!


The filling was PERFECT! I am definitely getting A a dozen of this on his birthday because it’s his favorite. He pretty much ate the whole thing!


In case you don’t know, I was in dessert heaven that night!


Urban Plates Pineapple and Walnut Cake is another must try!


If I did not devour the mango tart and crust of the banana cream pie, I would’ve finished this slice as well! I had to stop myself because otherwise, the calories would haunt me all weekend! lol


The patio is perfect for drinks…


…and your pets too!


Aside from great food, I was also in awe of the amazing service we got from EVERYONE. The managers, support staff, Chefs from corporate, and the marketing team! My heart was full that night from the warmth they showed my family and I. Needless to say, my tummy was full of all the delicious food we ate!



Love this communal table! Reminded me of the restaurants we visited in Chicago.


Condiment game strong.


I am totally loving the industrial look of Urban Plates.



Urban Plates is officially opening tomorrow!! I am so excited because we now have a regular spot to go to whenever we go to Columbia to shop!! I can already forsee Nordstrom Rack and Urban Plate trips in the future!!! <3


 10300 Little Patuxent Pkwy, #3035
Columbia, MD 21044


Same baby A, same. Urban Plates got me feeling like this too!



Ending this post with updated pictures of baby A now! <3



R <3

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Urban Plates. All content is mine.

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  1. Omg to the mango tart!!!! Ahhh! What a great review of the place! I am gonna have to visit this place just for the mango tart! The rest of it looks great as well. Also your pictures are amazeballs. Do you use a DSLR or just your phone?? Great read! 🙂

    1. You definitely should! They have one in Tysons too if you are ever in that area 🙂 the mango tart seems to be a seasonal item so get it before summer is over! haha I used my DSLR in most of my pictures. The square ones I used my phone 🙂 Thank you, Momma!! xx

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