Hello, dolls!! Hello, labor day, USA!! <3 How was everyone’s long weekend?? Ironically enough mine was pretty short. I had to start my weekend at work to cover a co-workers shift. Not an ideal way to start my busy weekend definitely. Anyway, I had the best reward though — shopping! 

I spent the rest of my day in Annapolis. We hardly go there unless we have to OR I want to go shopping. I have never been to Annapolis Harbour Center so when I got the invitation for Gap’s Grand Opening I said yes with a million exclamation points!


My new denim pants are definitely the highlight of my weekend. For a person who refuses to wear pants during summer, that’s a lot to say.


Since it was my first time at Annapolis Harbour Center, I had no idea how big it is! I was blown away by all of the stores in that shopping center! Gap is not hard to find since it’s in between Nordstrom Rack and Old Navy. Definitely, a convenient spot if you are like me who wants to visit my favorite stores in one day — basically trying to say all the best brands are not far from each other. 


Since I was with baby A, I decided to go to the baby section first. I initially wanted to spend not more than 15 minutes there, but seeing how big the baby section is, I couldn’t help but stay longer than I intended to.


How cute is this fall outfit for a little girl?? Moments like this make me wish I have a little girl to shop for! lol


Can’t believe I am shopping in the toddler section now! Feels like it was only yesterday when I was buying him onesies!!


Baby A saw this shirt and showed me! He was so excited about the fire truck.


Anything with cars and trucks excites him! We almost bought the entire line because he did not want to let go of the shirts 😛


The slim pull-on pants in burgundy caught my attention. It is sooo perfect for our upcoming trip next month. I am already starting to plan our fall outfits so I knew this is going to be perfect for baby A’s OOTDs. He will most likely wear this more than once during our trip!


These hoodies made me wish I have a little one again. They are to die for!


Baby A ran to this shelf and said “Star Wars!!”. There is so much awesome stuff for the kids in the store that I had to remind myself that baby A just got a ton of new clothes for his birthday.


Time to shop for Mommy!!! When Samantha greeted me and asked what I was looking for that day, I briefly told her that the denim event is perfect for our trip next month. I need new jeans to wear during our flight.

To anyone who is traveling to a colder destination soon, I think this cardigan is perfect! It’s so comfy and stylish at the same time.


If traveling with tots like me, the backpacks are perfect to keep your hands free. The size is decent so I know there’s room for everything that you will need! Can we also talk about how simple yet stylish these handbags are??


I had 2 options that day for my “airport outfit” — the jegging or the skinny jeans.


All the pieces of denim that I held were soooo soft I can’t believe it! I honestly don’t invest in pants because I feel like it wasn’t a necessity for some reason that I can’t even justify. Obviously, it became a necessity when I moved to Baltimore 6 years ago because of the cold season.


The true skinny collection was the first thing I saw when we walked into the store. the definition “high rise” definitely got me! I am in need of high rise skinny jeans! Just perfect.


So here are my picks for baby A. He wouldn’t let go of this blue shirt because of the backhoe. I, on the other hand, did not let go of the pants that I saw because all I can think about is how perfect it will look with his sweaters especially during our trip next month!


My picks that day. I was too focused on getting the perfect pants so I did not really pay attention to anything else in the store for me.


My partner trying to escape from mirror selfies!


Trying on the high rise skinny jeans.


Love at first fitting!!


I love this hugged my thighs without feeling uncomfortable. Most of my pants have this thick lining inside so it’s annoying when moving around…also when taking off because I am left with marks on my legs from the tightness and stitching.


Wearing the dark denim jeggings.




Time to show off this boy’s outfit <3


I love how Gap’s sizes run a little bigger than other brands when it comes to baby/toddler clothes. Baby A has a couple of Gap clothes and truthfully, he is still wearing his 18-month shirts. Most of his clothes in that size are loooong gone! They are already hidden in a big baby box with the rest of his old stuff.


One dilemma I have with baby A is finding pants that he can wear for more than 2 months! My boy has long legs and a skinny waist like his Daddy. His pants are either the right size but too short, or one size too big on the waist but too long. This particular one is a size 18-24 (one size smaller than usual) but looks great on him!! The waist is stretchable (garter) so I know it will last the entire winter season since it’s a little long for now, I decided to fold it just like on display and it looks AMAZING!

I also got him a pair of low chukka boots! Camel brown and burgundy definitely exude fall! Is it obvious the I LOVE styling my boy??


I almost wore the high rise skinny jeans all day! It was so soft I did not want to take it off.


I love how I did not have to worry about my back showing whenever I have to bend when wearing this. I am definitely wearing this at the airport!


It was so easy to move around with baby A! I did not feel like my thighs were sausages  because of tightness or bad stitching!



The reality of taking pictures with a toddler! I have to be quick all the time because just like his Dad, he only wants to be in front of the camera WITH me for like 5 seconds!


Gap is located in Annapolis Harbour Center

Address: 2536 Solomans Island Road Annapolis, Maryland 21401

Phone Number: 410.266.1460


Left the store with 2 bags of goodies for me, baby A, and family! <3


Weekend well spent with my baby A <3


R <3


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Gap in Annapolis Harbour Center. Thank you so much Samantha for a very memorable experience! 


  1. I’m a sucker for a good baby section, and Baby Gap is one of our favorites! Looks like a fab time, Mama!

  2. Shopping days are the best! I LOVE those high rise jeans, and they look great on you! The burgundy pants on your little guy are so adorable.

    1. AWW!! Thank you so much, Momma!! I wore them today for the first time since it definitely feels like fall here in Maryland now! lol

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