Hello, dolls!! Hello, fall…almost! 😛 This week was pretty “dark” for my tiny tribe. Our entire household is sick and it was really challenging to get things done… or should I say do anything at all. Hubby and I are both sick and I am starting to feel really guilty because we are not 100% for baby A. Now that I am a Mom, the worst part about being sick is not having the energy to keep up with him. I am just glad that I am finally at the tail end of this misery and I can hopefully enjoy the rest of my weekend.

Anyway, I swear I am almost done with my Chicago posts! 😛 Can you imagine if we were there for more than 3 days?? I would probably have at least 10 posts! One of the few restaurants on our list was The Purple Pig. We decided to go there on our last night which fell on the exact date of our anniversary.


The purple pig is known for their creative and bold dishes. The menu is straight to the point, nothing too intricate that would make you second guess why you decided to go there for dinner. I know I’ve mentioned the influence of Greeks in Chicago but I think it’s really cool that the Chef/Owner (Jimmy Bannos Jr.) is Greek! This made my husband and I more interested to go to The Purple Pig.


Since we ate A LOT that day, dinner was something that we were considering skipping. When I told A that we can’t leave Chicago without trying The Purple Pig, we decided to walk from our hotel to the restaurant to buy us some time.

It was a great decision because we were able to see how beautiful Chicago is at night! Walking by the tall buildings all lit up and seeing how there are still a lot of people out after 8PM reminded me of how life is in Manila.

As soon as we walked into the restaurant, I forgot how full I was! Excitement took over and I got excited as I saw dishes come out of the kitchen — they looked and smelled so goood! 


Smoked Trout Dip


I was adamant to try this at first because I did not want to eat a lot of smoked or cured food when I was pregnant with baby A (I learned that it’s on the “avoid list” during pregnancy) but it was sooo hard to not indulge in this very tasty dip! It was very cool to open the mason jar and see smoke come out, I honestly thought the smokey flavor will overpower the entire dish, but it didn’t.


Lamb Ribs with Harissa, Treviso Marmalade, Trahana and Blood Orange


This was everything I wanted in lamb ribs. The meat was falling off the bone, it was mouthwatering! I could tell it was braised for a long time because the flavors were very concentrated. Looking at this makes me want to cook lamb ribs ASAP!


Pork Blade Steak with ‘Nduja and Honey

A and I decided to order more small plates and one entree so we can have a variety of dishes that night. We wanted to try as much as we can but since we were eating all day literally (we had lunch twice!) we had to “device a game plan” for dinner.

This was cooked to perfection. Most pork steaks that I’ve tried from other restaurants are dry — this one was oozing with juice! I loved the nduja and honey that complimented the pork steak really well!


Baccala & Shrimp “Fish Sticks” with Confit Peppers and Tartar Sauce

 I was so intrigued by this dish so I told A there is no way we are leaving The Purple Pig without trying this. I am so glad we did! I wish all “fish sticks” taste like this.


Calamari with Fregola, Radishes, Cucumbers, and Pistachios

if my husband and/or I can recreate this at home, I would be the HAPPIEST!!! This has got to be my favorite dish out of everything we had that night. Until now, I can still remember how each component complimented each other. How the kick of citrus made this dish taste really fresh. With so many ingredients, I can still honestly say that this bowl was one of the lightest that we had that night.


Living for this pig engraved bowl!


I am still kicking myself for forgetting what dessert I ordered that night! I remember it was some creamy custard with pistachio as the accompaniment.

The picture below shows that it was good because we finished it! 😛


They gave us these cute pig gelatin candies when we asked for our check. How cool is that?


Our only “couple” picture on our anniversary!


Chicago’s beauty at night.


50% baby, 50% Purple Pig food! 😛




  1. Happy Anniversary! It looks and sounds like you had an amazing evening! everything looked so yummy and beautiful!

  2. My hubby and I cannot wait to visit Chicago again. It’s been #1 on our list of favorite cities since we visited a few years ago.

  3. Such good eats! We try to make it to Chicago once a year – I will have to try some of these when we go next.

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