“It’s A Boy!” Baby Shower

Hello, dolls!!! Hello, Fall <3 Anyone else super happy that fall is here? My closet has been ready for months now and I can’t wait to dress up every weekend! Oh, the crisp weather and pumpkin everything! How can I not love fall? What makes this season even better is our vacation! I can’t believe that in less than a month we will be on a great adventure again!

Anyway, I am so excited to share another piece from my Motherhood journey. I know my blog has been a little slow when it comes to keeping up with my current adventures so yeah…I sure am too happy to finally move on to another chapter! 😛


I had my shower 2 weeks before my due date. I know, crazy right? My friends were telling me I am cutting it too close. I waited that long because I wanted my parents to be part of my shower…also let’s the be honest, I couldn’t take time off work! 

First order of business, create a baby registry!

A and I were SO clueless when we went to Babies R Us and Target to scan stuff for our baby registry. I remember feeling overwhelmed!

How many bottles should I get? What size nipples should I get? Do I want a manual pump or an electric one? Which brand of stroller will be good for our lifestyle?  I had so many questions and I remember “winging it”.

This is why showers are helpful especially when you invite other Moms! They give essentials as gifts which makes it easy to figure out what you’ll need when the baby comes 😛


My sister got these cute wood signs for our welcome table. I use them as door signs now! “Baby” for baby A’s room, and “shower” for our bathroom in the basement.


Nothing like beautiful white roses on a special day for me! <3


My friends know that I pretty much take over any party planning even if it’s for me. I LOVE organizing parties so much my husband is already warning me we do not need another big party for baby A next year LOL.


Before my Dad was able to visit me here in the US, I would always send him pictures of the cheeseboards I make at work. I told him one day I will make one when he’s here…so I did!

(Filipino Pork BBQ, Chicken Souvlaki, Lumpia, Greek Mac and Cheese)

A made baby A sound like a car when he said “Greek-Italian-Filipino-Chinese hybrid” when he posted we are having a boy on Facebook.

To commemorate baby A’s roots, we decided to have Filipino and Greek food! Thanks to my Mom and MIL for putting together such a delicious spread!


Baklava is a must when having Greek food! This one is the best because it is made with love by my in-laws! <3


Spanakopita, anyone? <3



We also had tzatziki, Greek Salad, and pita to complete our delicious feast!


What’s a party without a dessert bar?


Went a little crazy with blue <3



Frances made me the most beautiful cake I could ever ask for on my shower! The details were flawless! This is soooo me!! <3


Ms. Carol and Kate brought bowls and bowls of chocolate with very cute stickers that they printed and wrapped themselves.




I love these nautical stickers!! So perfect for my baby A <3


Lindt chocolates for everyone <3


Aside from the gorgeous cake, Frances handmade these cupcake toppers! I wanted to freeze all of them so I can have them forever!




These blueberry marshmallows were to die for.



Cause this cake deserves a million pictures.


DIY is something I love to do when I have a big party at home. For our table centerpiece, I made cute pinwheels and glittered letter As. I used our gazillion mason jars at home to hold both together and I am really impressed with how it turned out <3



My Mom was very excited to be a Lola!




Family <3


We had 4 games that day. How Old Were They, Diaper Poop Challenge, Baby Bingo and Pass the bag!


All the girls participated in this game. A’s side was easy to guess because I was able to find great pictures of him from different years. I asked My Mom to bring some pictures of me but unfortunately, she was only able to find a couple from when I was really young.


The boys did the diaper poop challenge. Cause who better eat chocolate from a diaper?



We did baby bingo and pass the bag while I was opening presents. It’s a great game to keep the ladies entertained and not just stare at my face for an hour! haha



Alyza (second to the right) drove all the way from Nashville and surprised me!!! <3 I have the best girl friends!!



Most Moms probably say this after their baby shower, but yeah..I truly did not expect to receive so many presents from everyone that day!!! I felt truly loved <3


Sharing with you some of the presents I was able to take a picture of.


Our family in the Philippines sent us a lot of newborn stuff. I one of my favorites is this set of socks and mittens <3

This set of stitched bibs are so adorable!! I am keeping them forever 😛


My parents gave us baby A’s stroller and car seat which we used A LOT! My Mom brought all these clothes and socks from the Philippines.


Kate gave us a chest full of pirate themed stuff! She designed the tissue box that I LOVE so much because it’s perfect for baby A’s nursery.


Instead of greeting cards, we asked for books for baby A. We received a lot of great books. It warms my heart whenever I see how much he loves his books now! <3


Can’t believe baby A’s library grew 3x in just 2 years!


My Aunt from Texas sent all these when she found out I was having a boy. I loved the “Prince” crib set the most!


Sophie The Giraffe seems to be a great baby shower gift now! It’s on every “baby shower must have” articles that I read so I was very happy that we got one that day.


Ms. Mary and Ms. Carol gave us blankets that they knitted!! My heart cried tears of joy because I think these are very special and thoughtful. They are my favorite blankets during winter.


P & A gave us awesome presents that we are still obsessing about! P, of course, gave baby A Star Wars toys and legos (A enjoys it the most lol), baby A’s very own first brown teddy, and the Tommee Tippee travel bottle warmer that helped me a lot whenever we went out during baby A’s first year.

My Mom loves shopping for baby A! Look at these cute outfits she bought! <3

Mommy got presents too!! My sister got me these adorable Tommy Hilfiger scarf and socks to match with the theme of baby A’s nursery and closet 😛

I can’t believe how much formula you can receive for free here in the US! After I signed up for a couple of baby websites, I started to get a lot of freebies. One of which, formula! I was blessed to be able to supply milk to baby A for almost 2 years so there was no need for this. It’s good to know these companies will give you a great amount of formula to try for free though!



Cool outfits from baby A’s Nouna <3


How adorable are these mini wine bottles??? They’re so perfect for all baby showers!


My MIL made these cute tags for our giveaways.


Chocolate chip cookies to take home.


The perfect tag for the cookie bags.


With the women who made my shower possible <3



I knew everything will be blue so I decided to wear pink 😛


R <3

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  1. Ahhhh! I love all the details in this baby shower! Not gonna lie, when I saw the title I was like “omg congrats on #2!” Lol anyway, such wonderful family and friends you guys have :). Baby A already had so much love even before he was born and it’s so awesome that you got such wonderful photos to show him later on :). (Also, love that you love taking over planning 😉 lol) Filipino-Greek Foods sounds and looks amazing 💕

  2. Such a lovely set of photos and omg that food is to die for! It looks divine! I wish I had kept memories like this, I never really took many before so this really gets me motivated!

    Jen xx

  3. This looks like a great shower! The food and the dessert bar have my mouth watering! I love the different game ideas you had.

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