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Hello, dolls! Hello, hump day!! <3 Fall is upon us meaning we only have a couple of weeks to enjoy the Farmer’s Market here in Baltimore. I always feel like a kid in a candy store whenever we go to the Farmer’s Market. There are so many delicious foods for me to try. Between the delicious comfort food surrounding me and the mouthwatering desserts, I can say that my eyes are always full and my heart feels like I should try everything.


For those who plan to visit the Farmer’s Market here in Baltimore, here’s what to expect 🙂

Nestled under 83, the Baltimore Farmers Market is a must visit. We live in the county but whenever we have the chance or pretty much the urge to wake up early, we try to go.



It’s great to meet local farmers and learn about their product. Is it just me or does everyone at the Farmers Market nicer? There is something about the environment that elaborates the simplicity of life.




The Baltimore Farmers Market has a lot of great things to offer! From fresh fruits, delicious local grub, and crafts that will make you hit the ATM! 😛


Can’t resist these juicy peaches!


I like to go around with a refreshing drink in my hand. I always look for fresh fruit drinks. The watermelon in this giant jar caught my attention much more when I read the menu — Infused Lemonade (watermelon, mint and lime).



Look for Sweet Tea and Cornbread for invigorating drinks. I can’t wait to try her cornbread next time.




I got this chicken and rice combo from El Taco Loco. This is totally making me salivate right now. The cream sauce was everything! My “bowl” came with black beans and Mexican rice.


A got chicken curry from Curry Shack. He wanted to see if he will see something else after scoping the market but he couldn’t forget about the fragrance of the curry that graced our noses. He loved every bit of his curry rice!


My sister got this mouthwatering short rib sandwich from Dooby’s. 


Uptown Bakers was one of my suppliers when I was still the head Chef at my previous job. When I saw them at the market, I couldn’t help but get excited! My Mom loves muffins and theirs are perfect! Little did I know, that chocolate muffin I got from the Farmers Market would save me from starvation the day after because I went into labor 😛



Sundays at the Baltimore Farmers Market.



I always like to get blueberries and peaches whenever we got to a Farmers Market or local farm. A makes THE BEST peach cobbler. Our family can finish a pie dish of it in seconds! YUM



Looking like I am carrying a giant watermelon the day before I went into labor! 😛


Sunday feast with my parents at home <3


R <3


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  1. I was going to say those peaches look perfect for a pie, and then you mentioned you like to make cobbler, which is even better.

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