Blueberry Picking at Shaw Orchards

Hello, dolls! Hello, Sunday! <3 It’s been a pretty slow week for me. The weather has been so lovely and it makes me want to stay in bed all day. I am ending September feeling so unproductive because of how I chose to “relax” this past week. I should really shake this feeling off and look back to all of the awesome opportunities I was able to be part of this month. I mean really! Going to NYC with my BFF,  3 confirmed collaborations for next month, and I started packing for our trip! Yes — cause I have to pack for us 3 and I don’t want to get super stressed about it the week before our departure so I am starting early! So yeah, I guess this slowness will die down as I fully transition to this new season 😛

It is very uncommon to take your newborn out until h/she is (n) weeks old — I honestly don’t know what’s the “standard age” now because I did not want to stress myself out by being too careful and forget to enjoy the journey of being a new Mom. Anyway, would you Mom shame me if I tell you I took baby A to the mall before he was a week old? We spent merely 2 hours there because I had to feed him — I just need to get out of the house.


He was about 2 weeks old when we took him on his first real adventure. My brothers just arrived from the Philippines, I was on my maternity leave, and A was off. I couldn’t let a good day get wasted!  Our first blueberry experience was so fun that my sister and I agreed to take our family to Shaw Orchards when they visit. DSC_1093A.JPG


Baby A was so small!!

In case you want to know, baby A did not get sick after this adventure. He slept in his carrier the entire time!





We are lucky to have the patch all to ourselves. We went on a Monday in July so they were not busy at all!


Complete again after more than a year!





Raspberries looking so gorgeous!

Most of the raspberries my family tried before were too tart. My parents couldn’t believe how addicting these raspberries were when they tried them.



Everyone worked hard to get lots of berries. I told them we need at least 2 pints. Let me tell you, getting 2 pints of blueberries is not that easy. Thank God I had 6 other sets of hands 😛


My Dad was determined to fill all the pint containers.




Our first family adventure <3

This was an easy trip for us but I pretty much packed my diaper bag like we were going away for the weekend! I was new nursing Mom and the last thing I wanted was to be unready for anything baby A would cry about!



I wanted to get as many blueberries as I can for our peach and blueberry cobbler. Shaw Orchards has delicious blueberries that you can snack on its own!



A’s smile says it all — it was a fun day at Shaw Orchards again.



Perfect background in every angle. 



Sidenote: I am really trying to get out of this funk but it seems like there is no way out until things get smoother for me. It’s hard to wish for more sleep when you’re already laying in bed with your eyes shut.



ICYMK: In 2012, I left Manila to be an intern here in the US. It wasn’t easy for me or my entire family. It was our first time to be a gazillion miles away from each other. I went back to the Philippines after 14 months, in a relationship with A. After being in Manila for almost a year, I decided that the only place that will help me progress my life is Baltimore and beside A. We have never been complete since 2012. So being able to be together here in Baltimore is an answered prayer for us because all we want is to be complete a couple of weeks in a year. Baby A was the perfect reason for everyone to visit!


Smiling because it was an awesome day!


We went to the local diner nearby to have lunch and it was simply awesome.



I love how perfectly crunch my tuna melt was. Nothing like comfort food after a long day at the farm.


We passed by Blevins Farm Market on our way home. The white barn looked so inviting so I told everyone we should check it out.



I’m so glad we did because we got fresh peaches for our peach cobbler!! <3


Farm day haul aka fruits of labor literally 😛



I always brag about the fresh cherries I ate before my Dad came here to visit. I told him they are so much better than the canned ones he gets from the supermarket. It’s not easy to find cherries in the Philippines. So when we saw Shaw Orchards had some that day, we totally indulged and got excited!


Farm day OOTD <3



Button down top for easy “nursing” access.


Lovely neoprene skirt my Mom brought from the Philippines.


Can’t wait to have uninterrupted time with my A boys in a couple of weeks! <3


R <3

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