Hello, dolls! Hello, October!!! Vacation month, finally! <3 This felt like the longest week ever!! From a long-awaited answer, two weeks that I can look forward to, and a reminder to make an effort for the people we love every day. A and I went on a date night to celebrate his birthday and I can’t wait to share about our memorable evening soon here!

On an unrelated note, my family is starting to plan their “Christmas break” here. This is the third time that we will all be complete in the United States, it’s definitely one of the biggest things I look forward to every year! I was lucky to be on my maternity leave the first time they all came to visit. We were able to go on adventures every day. It’s not easy to plan a vacation for a family of 7 (and a newborn) because I had to think about baby A. Lucky for me, my siblings are very laid back! They just want to eat and shop 😛

Here are a couple of things you can do when your family is visiting the US. 


Once upon a time, I joined Wasabi’s online photo contest and won a $100 gift card. I kept it for 4 years because I prayed that one day, I can use it with my family — and so we did.


My newest accessory — stroller!


We drove to Virginia to eat at Wasabi, it’s the closest location to Maryland.


I told everyone we should try everything! The plates are between $3-$6 so went crazy!


My all-time favorite, eel roll.



I love how fresh everything was! We enjoyed watching the sushi chefs roll different kinds of sushi and wait for our favorite ones to come around.



Seaweed salad is a must for me when going to a Japanese restaurant.


Uni for my Dad.


They also have rice dishes and noodle bowls for those who want something other than sushi.


A is more of a sashimi guy so he decided to get a noodle bowl to fill him up.


I love how they have Japanese cakes! Definitely, a perfect way to end our sushi feast.


Nothing better than free sushi 😛



Still can’t believe that my big boy was that tiny 2 years ago!!



Happy birthday to my #always <3


Now I can hardly keep him in his stroller for more than 30 minutes when we are out. 😛




A and I decided to take everyone to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in Rockville. Everyone was happy to finally eat something more authentic. The hand-pulled noodles are always great! We ordered another dish of the water spinach because everyone just devoured it! So simple yet so good!


We tried all of their Xiao Long Baos. A was in heaven! The only dish that we both don’t agree with is the crab XLB. I am not a fan of it because it has that “imitation crab” taste to it. On the other hand, A loves it so much he finds himself craving for it once in a while.


My brother Renzo and I love har gow (shrimp dumplings). We ended up getting 3 of these babies because they were sooo good!!


House Thick Noodle Soup

Reminded all of us of lomi in the Philippines. I am definitely going to ask A to take me to Rockville again now that cold season is here.


Some of the presents baby A got from the Philippines.


My Dad loved our Farmers Market adventure so much he told me we should go back with my brothers. I told them we should go further back this time to try the other vendors.



My sister and I decided to get Thai food. I couldn’t resist the refreshing Thai tea that was perfect for a hot summer day.


The boys decided to get pit beef. A said it’s a must when in Baltimore, perfect because my brother Remo loves beef!


Thai food grub. My sister and I were so happy with our choices. The food tasted authentic, we can’t help but reminisce our trip to Bangkok.


Pit Beef


Thai Tea


Can’t wait to be complete again in 2 months!!! <3 


Bubba Gump will always be special to us. Such a shame that the one here in Baltimore is not as good as the ones we had in the Philippines. Weird right? It’s supposed to be an American brand but we find the Bubba Gump in the Philippines better — maybe it’s the service?

Anyway, growing up my parents would always take us out on weekends. For a while, we all got addicted to Bubba Gump. We ate there every week and ordered the same thing every time. I remember going to Time Zone in Greenbelt after dinner and just feeling like it’s the best weekend ever.




2019 is going to be sweeter for the three of us <3


Where did my baby go??


Ending this post with a picture of baby A when he was only 2 weeks old!


R <3


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