New York On A Budget

Summer 2016

Hello, dolls!! Hello, birthday month!!!! <3 I am baaaack!! I may have had an extended vacation from blogging but it was all for a very important reason. My 2019 is shaping up to be extra exciting and I can’t wait to unveil the big reason for my 3-week absence.

Christmas is coming up and I can’t wait for our family to be complete again!! This will be the third time that all of us are going to be in Baltimore together and it still feels surreal to know I will kiss 2018 goodbye and welcome 2019 with everyone I love. Speaking of Christmas, I plan to spend my weekend “seriously” shopping for presents!! It’s been a crazy past couple of months and though I’ve already finished 1/4 of our list, I know there will still be so much to do…aka decorate!


As much as I want to have undivided time with my family, it is challenging to plan a lot of things for us to do because of my job. I am fortunate that I have a pretty normal schedule now so we can always try to squeeze in a weekend trip or two out of state.

For my family’s first trip to the US, I made sure I could take them to New York. It’s everyone’s dream to see New York after all! So what can a family of 7 (and a newborn) do in New York for 12 hours?

Lunch: $100 


What better way to start our trip? Jollibee is every Filipino’s favorite, especially if you live miles away from home.


We were all excited so we may have over ordered 😛 Two family chicken buckets, palabok, spaghetti, lots of gravy, and peach mango pie — we had the best lunch!


Can’t resist this mango sundae. I totally felt like we were all in the Philippines again.


Who else can relate with me??:P

Transportation: Subway


The best and cheapest way to get around New York (aside from walking) is to take the subway. It can take you to any point in the city without costing you a fortune. The system is very efficient and the waiting time is not too brutal.

Snack: $2 Hotdog or Pretzels


You can’t go to New York and not try the famous hotdog and pretzel! One of the best ways to feel like a local in this big city.



Don’t forget to look around and appreciate the beautiful architecture of the buildings. New York has so much beauty in it!

Central Park: FREE


Exploring New York can be very exhausting and one of the best ways to relax is to go to Central Park.  Sit in one of the benches or…if you want to feel like a local, sit on the grass and enjoy a popsicle from on the of the concession stands.


Milk Bar: $6/ person


Whenever I go somewhere that I really love without my siblings, I always tell myself that one day I will take them there too. A and I love Momofuku and Milk Bar so much, and knowing my siblings, I know they will go crazy with Milk Bar too!


Luckily, Milk Bar is walking distance from Central Park so were able to beat the heat with some Milk Bar goodies.




Cereal Milk Milkshake



It felt like a hundred degrees when we were in New York. Milk Bar was a real treat for us that day!


Cereal Milk soft serve melting so quickly!

St. Paul’s Cathedral: FREE


My Dad is very religious so I know a visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral would make him really really happy.



Can you imagine getting married here?

Empire State Building: $32/person


The most “touristy” activity we did that day. A trip to New York City will not be complete without going high…


So for our last agenda, I took my family to the Empire State Building.


The view is spectacular but the crowd was my least favorite! I honestly did not enjoy it as much as I did when I went to Rockefeller a few years back.



It was so crowded we had a hard time going near the rails to see New York. Even getting around the building was difficult because there was hardly any space for anyone.

Dinner: $10/person


Whenever I go to New York, I always have this urge to eat Halal Food. It’s not hard to find one and the food is always good.



Baby A was hardly a month old when he took him to New York. Some Moms would probably have a heart attack by taking their newborn to a very busy city let alone take their newborn out of the home. I don’t know why but I never felt scared to leave the house with him. Maybe because I knew no one else will touch him but my husband, parents, or I.

My boy is now 2 years old — never got hospitalized, active, and smart! He is growing up to be a sweet little man and my Mommy heart couldn’t ask for more.



That moment I realized my trips to New York will never be the same again. That my heart will always be full wherever I go. That my body may change but that surface is temporary. That I will have the most rewarding trips from then on.


R <3

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