Where To Eat In Atlantic City

Hello, dolls!! Hello, Thanksgiving week! Turkey day is extra exciting for A and I because we have more people to share our turkey with this year — I just hope I am 100% better by then. I’ve been sick all week and boy was it brutal! Listen to your body — this is the best thing I can tell you today. I forced myself to work on Friday because, well, once again, I felt like I do not have a choice when it comes to my job. I spent the past 48 hours in bed hoping I won’t get anyone else here at home sick. We were supposed to drive to New Jersey on Friday after work but because of my condition, we had to cancel.

So here’s the last of the 5 states that baby A visited before he turned a month old (PA , VA , DC , NY ). It’s crazy to think that we were able to do that much with him that summer. I guess having my family around made me confident to go out because I know I will get all the help I will need.


I like to go to Atlantic City because of 2 reasons, and no, it’s not to gamble. There is so much more to Atlantic City than the casinos. The boardwalk, beach, and the fun activities they have year round.



The best place to eat in Atlantic City is White House Sub Shop. They have the best subs! No wonder they’ve been open since 1946. Eating at White House is one of the reasons why I love going to Atlantic City.


Their subs are HUGE and the price is unbelievably affordable.


A whole sub is honestly good for 2–3 people. A can finish 3 portions of it! We love their Italian Sub the most!


…but leave room for the Philly cheesesteak too! They’re just as good as the best ones in Philadelphia — even better than those tourist traps.


The main reason why I love going to Atlantic City? Outlet shopping, of course!!

There are many stores with great discounts! I could literally spend hours shopping here.




Kosta’s Grill is not in Atlantic City BUT it is definitely one of the best restaurants in New Jersey! Definitely worth a visit because of the fresh Greek food and rotating specials.



My favorite Greek appetizer. Filled with rice and ground beef/lamb with tomato sauce, dolmades are very delicate and succulent! Filled with so many flavors wrapped in grape leaves.


Greek Orzo Salad


Fried Calamari

Fried to perfection as always. Fresh calamari served with marinara sauce — can anything get better than this? (YES!)


Grilled Octopus

A MUST try when at Kosta’s Grill. The octopus is prepared fresh on the regular just like how they do it in Greece. It is mouthwateringly tender and finished on the grill for that added flavor and texture. The pesto that goes with it makes this dish phenomenal.


Grilled Bronzini

Since Tuckerton is right by the water, seafood is always a good option. Kosta’s Grill offers a rotation of seafood specials that are prepared simply to appreciate the freshness of the fish. I look forward to their grilled fish stuffed with lemon and onion whenever I visit.


String Beans with Tomato Sauce


Greek Fries

Crispy fries seasoned perfectly with melted feta and kefalograviera cheese. Try this if you are looking for something different but not too daring. 


Gigandes Plaki


Finished our lunch with this delicious plate of pan-fried shrimp. YUM!



Baby A with his Uncles and Aunts <3


He is lucky to have both sets of grandparents! <3


Twinning weekend!


R <3

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