Pregnant with Baby # 2

Hello, dolls! Hello, Sunday!! <3 Life lately has been different. I started the year with high hopes that I can commit to blogging regularly for a full year. My efforts paid off with new connections and brands that I now love. However, life took a beautiful turn in October when A and I found out that we are expecting baby # 2! What a way to end 2018 and welcome 2019, right? It’s pretty difficult to be in front of my computer without feeling like I’m on a roller coaster. I have to minimize screentime for myself to be able to rest and feel better…unfortunately.

This pregnancy is different from baby A’s. My morning sickness is through the roof and I can hardly eat anything. It hasn’t been easy, not even at 16 weeks. I keep on motivating myself by saying “a couple of months of misery is nothing compared to a lifetime of happiness”. Whatever I am feeling right now is nothing compared to the feeling I will get once I hold my baby! <3


I’ve been thinking about the changes in our lives next year. How I can prepare baby A with his new sibling and most importantly maximize my time with him before the baby comes.


It’s hard to believe that baby A is a toddler now. I remember when I was still trying to figure out everything about Motherhood after he was born. The rush of emotions during his first month. The sense of stability that I’ve never felt before like I know having him means a lifetime of happiness.



Baby A is growing up to be independent and caring. When we told him I have a baby in my belly, he began to understand that Mommy’s tummy area is fragile. He would often see me feeling sick and would ask, “Mommy are you okay?” and give me the sweetest hug.



I know his transition to being a big brother is not going to be very difficult because his heart is very open to it as to what he is showing us now.


Where did the time go??


My siblings were still here when baby A turned a month old. Having my entire family with me for a full month meant so much because I had the best support.


To celebrate A’s first month and to say thank you to my entire family, we had a crab feast! <3

I ordered a bushel of blue crabs from a supplier that I know from work and steamed them at home. I wanted my family to see how Baltimore does crab feasts! 😛


Had more or less a hundred crabs on the table. We had to call help aka ask some friends to come over!


Can’t take the Filipino out of us, we had to add some Filipino food! 😛




My little adventurer out and about again <3


After 11 months, we will be complete again this weekend!

I had a VERY full house when baby A was born. He is used to seeing my family around so it would be nice to see him with his Titos again this weekend!


Lunch at Andy Nelson’s —best BBQ in Baltimore.


We pretty much tried all of the sides on the menu and the best BBQ meats they have! Pork ribs, pit beef, and brisket!


Nothing like housemade BBQ sauce to go with smoked meat. YUM!


I missed A terribly when he had to go back to work after his paternity leave. He was away for 16 hours 6 days a week which felt like forever in baby A’s time — I felt like he was missing the little moments that we should be seeing together.


As my little surprise for my hardworking husband, I did a mini photo shoot with baby A! 😛




1 month means knowing what we need and will need. I started pumping almost 2 weeks after he was born and realized I need breastmilk pouches to put in the freezer. I received several samples from Target and Babies R Us and loves Kiinde’s Twist pouches so much! I ordered more from Amazon and was able to use them until the end of my breastfeeding journey which was almost 2 years.


We received a lot of love from friends and family even from other parts of the world! A, baby A, and I each got beautiful presents from Greece <3


I love getting cute cards!! <3


One of my sales reps sent baby A the cutest onesies!!! <3 (also a great reminder that my maternity leave is temporary lol)

First time Mom problems — hoarding new clothes for every age and size cause hey, who knows! They grow up fast, right?:P


Little moments during baby A’s first month <3

I am truly excited to do this all over again next year <3 Baby A is going to be a loving big brother for sure  <3 


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  1. I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssss MD blue crabs! ;( Like you can’t get them in Japan like you get them in MD.

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