Hello, dolls!! Hello, Christmas break!! Aaaah what a week to wake up to. After 11 months, our family is complete again! My brothers arrived from Manila last Sunday and it has been really comforting to know that they are only a couple of feet away from me. Baby A has been enjoying our full house the most. It’s amazing how he acts so warm around them as if he’s been with them every day.

Anyway, before I move on to my first official giveaway *heart pounding fast* I would like to share some of our wonderful moments here in Baltimore during their first trip. It’s not easy to plan activities for a family of 7, we all have different ideas and things we want to accomplish in a month but if there’s anything that we all agree on, it would be what/where to eat! 😛



The first time we were in a social setting. I remember being nervous and bringing almost everything with us that day! I wanted to be prepared for anything — countless diaper changes and feedings, baby A walking into a new environment, and the million questions I will get about being a new Mom.


Braved the adventure to see these girls and catch up.


Happy to say I survived my first social gathering with baby A! 😛


Those skinny legs!! Can’t believe he was this tiny once. Now, I can hardly carry him without feeling like my back is going to give up on me!


For our Sunday family dinner, we decided to go to Remo’s of NY which is a stone’s throw away from our house. My brother’s name is Remo so whenever we would pass by the restaurant he would always say “we should eat there”.


What a FEAST! <3


Everything was top notch. I was worried that our food will not be enough but we had leftovers — Italian food is heavy in the stomach. The seafood pasta was loaded with mussels, squid, and shrimp (definitely worth it!). Remo’s of NY is a must try when in Parkville.




For my brother Remo’s last full day in Baltimore, we decided to take him to Annapolis. I’ve been to Annapolis once or twice before this trip, but I wasn’t able to explore so much.


Best way to beat the heat? Ice Cream!! The store caught our attention because of two things — the pink facade and the smell of milk and chocolate being mixed together. Kilwins sells delicious chocolate too!


We went around the dock and saw a lot of beautiful boats. I can’t wait to take baby A this summer cause I know he will LOVE it so much.


We decided to go to Mission Barbecue because my brother Remo loves barbecue/smoked meat! He spent his childhood watching Food Network shows about restaurants here in the US and would express his desire to trying everything. Mission Barbecue is a great place to take family or friends visiting the US. The menu is straightforward and if you get multiple combo platters, it will be enough for a group of at least 5 people.

I am really really trying my best to update as much as I used to and I hope this giveaway will give me that little push to work on my blog a little more, especially now that I am feeling a lot better! Thanks to my awesome holiday schedule, I get to be off for 4.5 days and it feels very rewarding to be able to spend this much time with my family and myself! 🙂



From our growing family to yours, Merry Christmas!!! Wishing everyone love and happiness <3 


Now, time for the fun part!! My first (official) giveaway! <3

I decided to do this because of one main reason — I need to let go of stuff I know I won’t be able to use in the next 12 months. I was able to connect with some great brands since my “relaunch” and I was blessed with products that I use on the regular now. To share my happiness (and really to have a little space in my vanity again before I lose my mind) I would like one lucky winner from here in the US or Philippines to have these babies to start their year beautifully! 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So with 2 easy steps, you can get $50 worth of beauty products!! Try your luck and join my giveaway! <3



Secret Nature Blueberry Mask Sheet


Ulta Beauty Lip Balm and Ardell’s Hydra Lipstick (my sister’s new favorite lipstick!)


Amika dry conditioner from Sephora


My favorite scent from Bath and Body — sweet pea!


Ardell eyebrow pencil, falsies (everyone close to me knows how much I love using falsies!!),  and pro brow trim & shape <3

Good luck and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! <3



CLICK THE LINK ABOVE <3 Unfortunately I am having a very beginner moment and I can’t seem to post the widget itself after publishing. It sucks but once you click the link it will redirect you to my Rafflecopter giveaway! 😛 (If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know! 



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