How To Have A Positive New Year

Hello, dolls!! Hello, 2019. Posting my last entry on the last day of 2018 seems surreal! (Well, I tried to post this on NYE!) Another year has passed and some moments have been shared here on this blog. I am happy I was able to commit to blogging regularly for a full year and share some positivity through my growing page.

“New year, new me” — this is what we always hear at the beginning of the year (aside from “I am going on a diet”. I can’t remember why and when I stopped telling this to myself. It seems like my purpose has evolved and I am now focused on the positivity of everything that would come my way. I usually get comments on this blog about my outlook about life and the moments I share with my family and thought it would be a great year-ender entry. So how do I stay positive and happy?



1. Be Patient

Every year my family and I would only get 30 full days of being together. I used to dwell on this and think that it’s not enough, out of 365 days, we get 30. I noticed that I felt incomplete and unhappy most of the year because I was being impatient, I wanted to be with my family right away without thinking that our moments together are more meaningful now because we actually make an effort to spend time together. It takes us 11 months to be complete again, patience plays a big role in our happiness every year.



2.Appreciate The Little Things

Growing up, I remember our teachers asking us to write our New Year’s Resolution/ goals after we come back from Christmas break. I remember putting a lot of big things there and pray that I could somehow manage to accomplish all of them. I stopped doing this when I realized I always put “go on a diet” on top of my list and never pull through by March lol so I just deliberately forget about it. Anyway, when baby A was born, my perspective about life changed.

Seeing life transition right before my eyes made me realize the importance of actually appreciating the little things and not just say it. His little milestones became my big joys.



Baby A first time reading a book with his Lola. So engrossed and smiling!


3. Focus On Being Happy

I believe that we attract positive/negative energy into our lives. I like to deter myself from thinking of unhappy thoughts that will lead my soul to worry about things that might not even happen. Focusing on being happy makes it easy for me to see the beauty of every situation I am in and treat minor bumps as life lessons.


4. It’s Okay To Let Go

I’ve come to realize that I spend so much energy stressing out about relationships that I should really let go of. I always have this guilt of making someone feel like I abandoned or disappointed them. In the past few years, I had onesided friendships that made me upset so many times in a year that the only way for me to feel better was to let go of them. It is never easy to steer away from someone but if it makes you mentally healthy and happier — do it!


Baby A’s 40-day blessing. What a memorable moment for A and I as new parents. 


5. Surround Yourself With Positive People

“You are only going to be as good as the people you surround yourself with”.  Talking to people who complain about work and life in general too much will result to so much unnecessary negativity in your life.

I used to listen to co-workers complain about work so much and it made me feel demotivated. I realized that listening to negative people did not help me progress in life. I felt so immature when I realized I would spend my energy listening to stories about other people’s negativity.


Complete family. New home. A new addition to our family. 


Wishing everyone a blessed 2019!!! <3


R <3

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