Pregnancy Diaries: Baby # 2

Hello, dolls! Hello, first weekend of 2019!! <3 How’s your 2019 so far? Mine has been pleasant.  Aside from welcoming 2019 with family and friends, I had a short work week so I was able to give myself time to rejuvenate and plan things for this month (and some things throughout this pregnancy). Needless to say, I feel productive and inspired…until I start to feel and look like an elephant then I’ll be MIA again lol.

Before I announce the winner of my giveaway, let me share with you some things I am dealing with during this pregnancy with baby #2 — so what’s been making me nervous and excited at the same time?



I am now on my 20th week of pregnancy, I am officially halfway there!! It’s such an exciting time because in a couple of days we will find out the gender of baby #2. I’ve been telling my coworkers that I am more nervous this time — thanks to A for putting a little pressure on the gender (again). *eye roll*


I used to take pictures of baby A like e v e r y d a y. Now that he is an energetic and fun-loving toddler, it is hard to keep him still in front of the camera (also, lately he’s been telling me “no pictures” LOL). I am excited to document baby #2’s first year just like what I did with baby A.


I may not go over the top and put every teddy bear beside him/her though 😛

Baby and I were out at least 3 times in 1 week when my family was here. Being a first time Mom, I got carried away with all of the cute clothes I saw! Especially nautical and anything blue.

I told A that I am honestly nervous that if it’s a girl I will overshop because I was extra with baby A! How much more for a girl? Lol

Daddy’s picks.

It is amazing how baby A loves the same things that A does! From trains and Legos, to the kind of shoes he wears. If we end up having another boy, I wonder if he will have the same interests as his Dad and brother.



Monthly visits to the Doctor were easy peasy with baby A. He would cry a little after his shot and stop when held. Even until now when we do emergency appointments with his Doctor, he would just sit there and read books while getting checked.

I was always excited to see how much baby A has grown since our last Doctor’s visit so I am looking forward to having that rewarding feeling again.


A’s Pediatrician from 20 years ago was baby A’s first Doctor! She lived very close to us which was perfect. Best part? She’s Filipino! So I knew we were in great hands. Sadly, she retired.


Passed out right after getting his shots.


One of my favorite outfits! So perfect for my little nautical boy <3

I kept most of baby A’s clothes. I sold over a hundred pieces on Facebook Marketplace and our annual yard sale in the neighborhood already but I was still able to keep 3 boxes full of cute stuff! If we do end up having another boy, I am really excited to dress him in these cute outfits again.

Month 2 presents from our family! I thought my baby shower was “it”. When baby A was born we still kept on getting presents from families and friends from all over the world. I always tell A that one of the most rewarding feelings ever to see our child loved! Now, we get to see that with 2 kids!! <3




2019 is shaping up to be really really memorable for us…it’s like 2016 all over again! <3

I am also excited because I feel like I will be able to share more on this blog this time! 


People close to me know how much I love anything Lenox! Especially now that they have their Kate Spade collection too (thanks to my MIL for being a great role model when it comes to keeping our home beautiful!). When I saw the birthday car/train collection, I knew it would be perfect for baby A! I fell in love with it instantly and thought it would be a great gift for when he grows older. The cars run up to #7 and I enjoy buying them for him every year! <3


Almost used this as my wallpaper!! 😛 Definitely kept me motivated! lol

I would like to thank everyone who joined my giveaway. I know I felt short on promoting it but with the number of entries I received, I was motivated to make this a regular thing if time and resources will permit me 🙂


Congratulations, Maria Kim!!! <3

Again, thank you, everyone, for joining and for all the support! <3


R <3

5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Diaries: Baby # 2

  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I have two of my own and they always surprise me in the ways they are the same and different! Make sure to take plenty of pictures and video of #2! My son always complains that I have way more pictures of my daughter than I do of him, lol! Good luck to you!

  2. Isn’t it so fun seeing what the second baby will like. I had a boy then a girl so she ends up with all his shoes and clothes! Loved your baby pictures too cute!

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