Road Trips With A Newborn

Hello, dolls!! Hello, snowy week!! <3 It was another exciting week for us because we found out the gender of baby #2! If you are following me on Instagram you probably know the gender by now. If not, then wait for my next post cause I think it’s just right to write a separate blog for my special one! <3

Anyway, I just came back from Williamsburg, Virginia to spend time with family before my brother went back to Manila. I can’t believe that it has already been a month since he got here and now we have to start counting down the days until our entire family is complete again. We are very positive about our reunion this year though because we know we will have more time to spend together and it’s very exciting.


Anyway, going on road trips with baby A has been part of our lives since he was less than a month old. It was not a walk in the park but we definitely got the hang of it after a while. I remember Googling “what to do when a baby cries during a long drive” prior to our first out of state trip and asking myself if I can actually handle it. LOL


I am known for overpacking and I have to say, sometimes this “skill” of mine comes out handy especially when it involves being prepared for anything. My OA tips for new Moms and Dads when going on a road trip with a newborn for the first time.

  • Multiple outfit changes throughout the day — spit-ups and poop-throughs are never fun 😛
  • 10 clean diapers per day and a hefty amount of wipes. When we left the hospital, the nurses told me to keep track of baby A’s diaper changes for us to all know if he is eating enough. This gave me an idea of how many diapers he uses every day and it would average to 10.
  • Milk/formula supply and for breastfeeding Mommas, any breastfeeding supply that you will possibly need 😛 I started pumping when baby A was almost 2 weeks old so it was pretty convenient to not have to stop to breastfeed him because I can just bottlefeed him. This saved us lots of time on the road and also gave us some peace and quiet — babies with happy tummies are quiet! 😛
  • …and don’t forget to pack lots of patience and understanding! There are things that parents can’t really prepare for and the best way to deal with any stressful situation is to be calm 🙂



This Momma survived the long car ride and made it to Long Beach Island.



“The ocean heals all wounds”


Mom break — book shopping!

Every minute matters, parents with a newborn know how draining (but rewarding) caring for a child could be so anytime I get to have a little “me time” during our trips helps me rejuvenate for another long day ahead.



Crust and Crumb Bakery in Long Beach Island is a gem! They have freshly baked pastries and delicious yeast donuts.



#MyABoys twinning <3


Dinner at the best Greek restaurant in Tuckerton, Kosta’s Grill!


First weekend trip without my brother Remo so I decided to bring this outfit that he gave baby A. It’s really amazing sometimes how my blogs parallel to what is actually happening now — currently missing my brother again and can’t wait to celebrate this big year for him in less than 11 months!!


Day trips are fun when there’s delicious food involved. A quick trip to Washington DC to have one of the best fresh pasta bowls in Union Market! <3



Lamb Ragu with extra cheese. I order this every time!! I sometimes tell A I wish we live next to Union Market so I can get this bowl of goodness whenever I crave for it 😛


A’s rabbit stew with smoked paprika pappardelle.


Matcha Yogurt Lassi

The best treat for our drive back home to stay hydrated. Another tip for breastfeeding Mamas — getting a car charger for your breast pump is life changing!! I invested in another pump for work/when going out so I can keep my “main” pump at home and not have to worry when I misplace a part or something. I can’t tell you how many times I pumped in the car during a trip or when stuck in traffic. I love how I can keep my schedule and keep up with my milk supply.


Family of four soon!!! <3


R <3

11 thoughts on “Road Trips With A Newborn

  1. I love how you can take something you did a while ago and make it sound like it was just yesterday! You definitely have a knack at this blogging thing! These are great tips!! Especially the car charger for the breast pump! Totally agree!! Keep up the good work momma!! 💕

    1. Also my subtle way of not being “too open” on my blog! I was afraid I would overshare and forget reality but seems like it’s working out for me. LOL!! Thank you, Momma! <3

  2. Traveling with babies is definitely not for the faint of heart. I find I have to add an hour or two to every trip because of all the stops we make.

  3. I have taken many trips with little ones and you think you’re over packing but then you always need something you forgot. I agree with bringing multiple outfits and lots of diapers.

  4. This brought back memories of loooooooong car rides with a baby who HATED riding in the car. It’s always worth it when you get there, isn’t it? Your photos from Union Market are making me want to jump in the car to get some pasta. Great post!

  5. That is quite the feat! We traveled with our first after he was a month old, two hours away, and it turned out just fine. He just slept the whole way… but yeah, you need a lot of things for newborns. Like, a whole other car.

  6. I definitely agree with the lots of patience part. Although it can be stressful during the trip, actually going places with little ones is amazing.

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