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Hello, dolls! Hello, weekend <3 I know it’s unlikely that I am going to share a post about our summer picnic when my neighborhood is completely covered in snow. Baby # 2 is due in May, a month before baby A’s birthday. so I know our summer 2019 is going to be eventful! I am trying to line up some family activities that I would like us to do and one of which is to go on a picnic! I love picnic dates!! The food, setting up our mat, and escaping reality for a while. When A and I went on a picnic date for the first time I knew it was something that we should do every year — it’s a great way to disconnect and talk about things because you are in that beautiful moment! 😛

I honestly don’t know how I am going to be during my maternity leave. When A was born, my entire family was here so I was able to cope with postpartum pretty easily. The activities that we did helped me so much and the fact that I had a “team” to support me with anything 24/7 meant so much. Since I will have fewer hands this time, I am not sure how I will fare with a 3-year-old and a newborn, so what is my mantra for this summer? Take my time, live in the moment, and survive!! LOL



I like going on a picnic towards the end of summer. Kids are back in school so the parks are usually empty during lunchtime. Talk about perfect privacy time.


Baby A’s outfit is too perfect for our family picnic!! 😛


The best thing about picnics in the park? Having the freedom to enjoy anything under the sun! My sister brought her volleyball to keep her entertained. Now that baby A is big enough to enjoy the outdoors, I can’t wait to see him run around and have that sense of peace and pleasure.


Another thing I like to do when going on picnics is to bring anything that I want to finish in our fridge or pantry! We all have those snacks or leftovers that we only tend to see during trash day.

The goal is also to not have a lot of food to bring back home, it makes cleaning up easier. So we decided to prepare just 2 things that day, egg salad and cut some fruits — which worked because we were able to eat mostly everything!



I am so happy I added this picnic basket to our wedding registry because it’s one of my favorite presents that we got!! <3



Baby A’s version of picnic food that year 😛


Yakult Green Tea with Pudding — my go-to summer refresher! YUM! Best after picnic treat.


Some days are not as bright as this one. I’ve been craving for more time for myself but I get this sense of guilt every time. I feel like I can’t wish for more “me time” because I should devote my free time to baby A who is soon going to split my attention with his sibling. The truth is,  I’ve been exhausted physically and mentally and the only thing that I really want to do is spend more time with my growing boy and prepare to be a Mom of two. It might be self-pity what I am going through right now or just the excessive hormones that runs through my veins, but one thing is for sure, I started counting the days until I can wake up to this boy’s happy face every day again.


Mommies, especially Moms of 2 (or more) how soon did you go on maternity leave? I know each pregnancy is different and with baby A, I was still up and running until I was 38.5 weeks pregnant. I felt like I still had so much energy at that time.  If I did not start contracting and if my doctor did not tell me I was already 4cm dilated, I would’ve worked until my water broke on June 27 😛 

This pregnancy is much different because of 2 things — I have a toddler to care for after work and I have to get up at 4:20AM for work which makes me feel restless. I am still conflicted as to when I should do it! Any Mommas out there that can enlighten me?


R <3

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  1. Love picnics but don’t get to do them often! Thanks for sharing now I want to get the gang and have a picnic!

  2. I love family picnic. During summer we always go to different park and bring our food and visit friends. Great pictures and thank you for sharing this post.

    1. My Doctor had to remind me that the main reason why pregnancy # 2 is harder for most of us is because of the fact that we have a toddler to care for! lol I thought my body is just not able to handle this pregnancy! haha

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