It’s A Girl!

Hello, dolls!! Hello, February!! <3 Anyone else have this short month packed with awesome plans? I have fun activities and events lined up every weekend this month and it’s pretty exciting to know I am going to have a fun (and busy) February. There is something about making the most out of my weekends that makes me realize how blessed I am to be happy and make someone else happy.

Early last month I found out the gender of baby #2. I was more nervous this time because A and I talked about the changes in our setup at home if it would be a boy or a girl. It wasn’t a big deal really, it was just something that we both felt like we needed to discuss. Every time someone would ask me which gender I prefer, I always felt like I needed to answer so during the first weeks I would just say “well, I wouldn’t mind having another boy since baby A has so much stuff they can share”. It was the practical Mom in me talking!


ย I decided to go to my appointment by myself because I wanted to have a little “me time” that day. I brought a book and sat peacefully as I waited for the nurse to call my name. When the Doctor told me I am carrying a girl, I started laughing in my head because I knew A would have a hysterical reaction…and he did, of course ๐Ÿ˜›

Baby A’s reaction was a little surprising in the sense that we thought he would react badly since he’s been saying he wanted a brother. As I remember, his eyes got big and then he smiled. That was it, acceptance from a two and a half-year-old. Lol


Rocketship print diapers from Honest Company

There are plenty of things on our list that I want to accomplish before we welcome our baby girl. Is there a medal or something for changing diapers for possibly 4 consecutive years? Cause that’s what it looks like for A and I. LOL


We’ve been trying to potty train baby A since late last year and we finally got our first successful weekend of him actually telling us that he wants to go to his potty (and us not begging him to do so).ย  This has got to be the most challenging parenting situation for baby A and I since he was born! No amount of articles could save my sanity (and patience) when it comes to teaching a toddler how to use the potty, regularly.

I know a big factor of why he is not able to regulate this “new system” we are trying to instill is because of consistency. One thing I look forward to during my maternity leave is to work on getting him “diaper free” especially before baby girl is born! Who wants to change diapers of 2 kids? Definitely not me! lol


Caption This:

“The face you make when you realize you ate too much and beach weekend is coming up”.


Caption this:

“Leg day did not work” ๐Ÿ˜›


I know this post is for my baby girl but I can’t help but use these adorable pictures of baby A when he was 3 months old!!! Seeing him this small again makes me extra excited to hold my daughter soon.


A loves seeing baby A in outfits that match his — and I love it even more! Our daughter will be subjected to this as well, no doubt!ย And I will try my best to not be “extra” with her. ๐Ÿ˜›



I had my routine check-up today and I told the Doctor I don’t remember being THIS exhausted. She then reminded me that I have a little one to care for plus myself. Needless to say, this pregnancy has not been easy but I am more positive this time about taking a break to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy and feel strong for labor and delivery.


Mickey jumpsuit from his Tita Rufa / Mickey socks from his Lola

Just one of the many silly pictures of baby A! ๐Ÿ˜›

A has been telling me he is sort ofย afraidย our daughter will just be as naughty as me! Well, with how this pregnancy is going…I am not going to rule that out! LOL


A cooks more than me at home — just one of the many things I am grateful for in our marriage. I am still a Chef so the last place I want to be in when at home is the kitchen. My excitement to do “Mom stuff” has skyrocketed after my field trip to baby A’s prospective school. Just thinking about packing snacks/lunch for him and A makes me really enthusiastic and inspired to cook more at home.


My Mom has been my rock since baby A was born. I don’t know how A and I would be able to keep up with the demands of our careers if she wasn’t here. She helped us immensely and I will forever be grateful for that. Things will be a little different with our set up this year since I am considering to take a step back on being a working Mom this year. That means extra time for my Mom, a well-deserved Grandma break for her! ๐Ÿ˜›



Oh, what a year 2019 is going to be! I can’t wait to do more for our baby girl and be a full-time nurturing Momma <3

Hoping there will be no more “pregnancy episodes” in the next 15 weeks! ๐Ÿ˜›


R <3

7 thoughts on “It’s A Girl!

  1. A new baby is so exciting and you’re right there is a lot of planning. I am having baby #2 in May hopefully. Just like our first we are having a boy, we can use a lot of stuff from before, but there is still so much to do. Congratulations!!

  2. Congrats on finding out you are having a girl! Our son is almost 4 years old now, and his little sister is a year and a half today. Having them in that order has been really fun. I loved seeing all your baby photos!

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