First Birthday As A DAD

Hello, dolls!! Hello, Valentine’s day! šŸ˜› Most of you are probably busy finding the perfect gift orĀ InstagrammableĀ surprise for that special someone. But, here I am reminding my readers again thatĀ Valentine’s is not my thing (lol).Ā Ā A and I don’t make a big deal about Valentine’s Day for one reason — we are used to working on Valentine’s day (which is actually one of the busiest weeks in the food industry) so we are always exhausted. The first two years that we were together, we celebrated it just like every other couple — dinner and presents! After that, I realized that I am not really a “VDay” person but more of a “let’s just make sure we have each other for the rest of our lives”Ā kind of girl, no special presents needed (although a box of sweets won’t hurt šŸ˜› )

Anyway, celebrations have evolved for A and I since little A (yep! we will start calling him little A on this blog now haha). Since we both work full time, I often get thisĀ Mom guiltĀ that we should be spending our free time with him — A and I are still “young” when it comes to this parenting thing so I think I get pretty emotional when it comes to time.



A worked on his 29th birthday. I happen to be able to leave work early that day so I was able to prepare some little surprises for A before he got home. One of which, a picture of little A greeting his Daddy! A was definitely excited to get home to his sweet boy after seeing this.


Little A and I went to the store to get A’s favorite candies. One thing I love about A, he is so easy to please! Honestly, I could almost tell our friends that if ever they ran out of ideas on what to get A for Christmas, they could always get him a bag of Reese’s cups and he would be the happiest! šŸ˜›


I always try to bake a cake for A and little A on their birthdays. A’s favorite is Ina Garten’s yellow sheet cake with chocolate frosting — easy peasy!


My Mom’s birthday is two days after A’s. Since it’s her first birthday away from home and especially my Dad, we decided to make that weekend about her as well.


My Mom and sister were craving for Korean food so we went to one of the only few (at that time) Korean restaurants here in Baltimore,Ā Honey Pig!Ā A and I had ourĀ first official dateĀ at Honey Pig so it was nice to be back with baby A this time.


The coolest part about our dinner? We sat at the exact table from 4 years ago!


I always get bibimbap when at a Korean restaurant. My bowl of heaven! YUM


Pork Belly


Beef Tongue


Perfect birthday dinner with everyone! šŸ™‚


My sister is going back to the Philippines soon and I know little A is going o miss her just as much as I would! She has been there for the both of us even before he was born. From going to my Doctor’s appointments with me to going to the hospital as soon as they allowed visitors.


I couldn’t believe that we haveĀ Tous Les JoursĀ close to us!! We decided to get my Mom’s cake from here to kind of make us feel like we are not too far away from home.


Seeing all these yummy pastries made me feel like it was my birthday! I was overwhelmed with the fact that we have Tous Les Jours here in Baltimore with divine desserts!!! <3



Lola’s little boy forever <3


The best view! I love taking pictures of #MyABoys while they are asleep. I feel like these are pictures that little A will treasure when he gets older and has a family of his own. He will probably get reminded of how amazing of a Dad A is and all the things he did with him.



It really is lifechanging once you enter the world of parenthood. Unconsciously, A and I started prioritizing things that would help us get more family time throughout the week. How we went from eating out at least 4 times a week to 2 because we realized creating a stable setup at home for baby A is so much better than trying out new dishes from our favorite restaurants.




Just one more work day until my weekend!!! Anyone else excited to sleep in??


R <3

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  1. It looks like your husband and mom both had very special birthdays this year! I think it’s so sweet that you make a cake for his birthday. Homemade always tastes so much better!

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