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Hello, dolls!!! Happy weekend! <3 I just had the most relaxing week since Christmas — what a treat! I had my first snow day this year and it was nice to stay home with my A boys and not be at work for two extra days this week. It was our mid-week weekend! 😛 Spending more time with little A is something I crave as a working Mom. I always try to squeeze in activities for us to do between Friday afternoon and Sunday night, and every week I always feel like we just never have enough time.

I wanted my first snow day with my toddler to be fun and relaxing. Both A and I needed the extra hours of sleep, the afternoon nap, and just be in our PJs practically all day. For the productive side of our snow day, little A helped me in the kitchen — the best part was our baking session which I will be posting here soon! Snow days should not be boring of course, so for the fun part, little A asked me to read a couple of books to him and play some of his favorite toys with him. Best part? Our snacks throughout the day.



One of my daily Mom goals: Put a big smile on this boy’s face! <3


So let’s talk about Max Brenner aka the bald man. I first learned about Max Brenner when I was still in the Philippines. The brand started in 1996 in Israel and expanded internationally over the years, now they have chocolate bars that I honestly can’t wait to visit! Luckily they have one in Bethesda!! 


When I saw Max Brenner at the Emporiyum in Baltimore a couple of years ago and sampled their hot chocolate, I knew I couldn’t go home without bringing a can of their signature mix.


What I really love about Max Brenner’s chocolate mixes is how you can taste the pureness of the chocolate. It’s not overly sweet, unlike the generic brands you see in stores. Max Brenner’s signature hot chocolate is thick, but you can adjust it according to your preference of course. I like mine rich and velvety so this one is perfect!



I tend to be really extra when it comes to the food little A eats. When picking snacks for him, I always choose the best in terms of nutrition and what’s in the product itself. For his little treats, I let him have something in moderation and make sure that a “treat is a treat” — not something you eat on the regular. I think as a first-time Mom I have this fear that if I give him too much junk, he will end up choosing that over healthier meals, which we all know is very apparent in most kids nowadays. Happy to say that at 2 and a half years old, little A is a good eater and gets to enjoy all the yummy snacks there is for him! He is not deprived of chocolates but he knows his limit! 🙂


Max Brenner’s Chokola is toddler approved! The milk chocolate flavor is perfect for little A cause there is no hint of bitterness (I still prefer my dark chocolate so we are keeping both in our pantry 😛 ).



Overall, we had the best snow day together! Mom points +100!

Max Brenner is so awesome they are giving you, my friends, a 15% promo code! One tin can make about 12 servings so with the promo code, you are pretty much paying less than $2 for a cup of top-notch hot chocolate.


Promo Code: L5XUBCLL



It’s Sunday again so here I am thinking about my long week at work. The Momma in me is very excited about the time I am going to get during my maternity break, but the career woman in me starting to feel guilty about what I am going to leave behind. I know I seem to be a broken record about this situation but honestly, I feel like as I get closer to my due date, I get more scared about this new role I am going to take on. Any tips from other Mommas out there?



But really, they are only little once. Looking at these pictures of little A makes me realize how the past 3 years flew by! 3 years ago I started the year as a soon-to-be-Mom. Now, I have a toddler and a soon-to-be Mom of TWO!


Anyone else ready for a cup of hot chocolate? Cause I think I am definitely going to do that while looking at my baby A’s pictures 😛



R <3

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in return for my honest review. My thoughts and opinions were not in any way influenced by the brand. 

11 thoughts on “Max Brenner

  1. We have been enjoying a lot of hot chocolate during this cold winter weather we’ve been having in the Midwest. I have never heard of this brand and will have to check it out. There’s nothing better than staying in your pjs all day, playing games, baking and drinking hot chocolate!

  2. Yum!! We love our hot chocolate in our home! This seems like a great one to try!

  3. Is it even a snow day if there wasn’t hot chocolate involved??? This is my kiddos favorite “tradition” after playing outside in the snow – mommy has to make them hot chocolate with a little whipped cream! I’ve never heard of this brand but will have to find some nearby for them to try!

  4. You’re little one is sooo cuute! It looks like he’s enjoying his treat 😀 I’m gonna grab this for my little guy and see if he likes it too, thanks for sharing 😀

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